Dentata – Earwyg

Richard Kern sent me a link today for the music video I shot with him for Dentata in December. I love it! I think it’s awesome/hilarious. You just gotta give ’em a reason.

I received the first issue of SPIN, from May 1985, in the mail last week. I won it in an auction on ebay for $5!! Have I told you before how much I fucking love early issues of SPIN!?! ALL HAIL Bob Guccione Jr!!

I suspect the theme for the 159 Manning BBQ this June is going to be woman/goddess worship married to testosterone-fueled-crazy-in-the-mind-brain.

It’s a recurring theme in my life. I took this photo of Iggy and Stava in 1997, in my room, in my parents’ basement in Windsor.

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  1. “Unkind” video shoot « Alexander McCready Says:

    […] with video director/professional clapper Kevin Hilliard. We did a double 5D attack like I did with Richard Kern on the Dentata shoot. Chris Murphy is editing the video. The guys in the band are all super nice and I love […]

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