Answer Me!

I password protected last weeks rant. Kate and I have been in a “friend-fight” for a couple of months now. A couple of weeks ago she’d taunted me with the challenge (regarding use of the name “Feral Cell” without me) that I couldn’t “tell everyone to fuck off”. Obviously, I had to prove that I could, since she was being such a bitch about it (she proposed that I be their photographer/sound guy/tour manager). Just because I’m capable and active in doing many things, we’re friends, and you’re an interesting but useless adult-toddler with delusions of “talent”, doesn’t mean I’m interested in being your personal ass-wiper. It’s about the story, but you’re never gonna “get it”. It appears to me that I’m insane, and nobody is ever going to “get it”. It’s all so clear to me but I can’t help but keep asking myself “Why am I doing this?”. In Kate’s defense, she’s not the only one who thinks this about me. It’s a common misconception among my “friends”, band-mates, and room-mates over the past few years. I’m taking it out on her because she’s tough enough to handle it (this is all TOTAL bullshit, right?), and I thought she’d like the attention from being a martyr.

Judging by Ian’s email response; “Oh my god. This is so crazy and I really don’t have time for this drama in my life.”, and Kate’s email response “Jesus Tim, You took it out of context, you took it so far out of the park I don’t even know what to say.” I think I beat her challenge! WOO-HOO!! Looking forward, I’m recording with my new lineup of Feral Cell next week.

I’m correct in understanding that the whole point and spirit of this band, and the music and songs we were playing, from the start was saying “FUCK YOU” and being crazy, and having fun, right? Don’t take it too personally. I take everything seriously, so I’m just taking the theme and running with it …just like you! YAYYYYYYY we’re all having fun telling each other to fuck off!!

After channeling all that anger, I’ve been re-reading Answer Me! this week to calm myself down.

I re-read this issue of Yahoo Magazine from April 1999. I picked it up when I worked at Staples, Store #30. Imagine; never buying a cd again?

I’ve also been working my way through the Touch and Go anthology.

I love this photo of my family from 1985.

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