Music For 18 Musicians

I am going to pull together a performance of Music For 18 Musicians in my backyard before the end of 2011, hopefully early fall. It’s not going to be part of any larger event. I want to play one of the piano/keyboard parts. I’ve listened to the album 50 times since October. It’s much prettier, and easier to listen and relax to than “In C”.

Here’s the video from the Halloween weekend performance of “In C”.

McCready Family, 2011.

3 Responses to “Music For 18 Musicians”

  1. Synchronicity Will Bring Us Together « Timothy Alexander McCready Says:

    […] 45 minutes until suddenly I heard a very familiar beautiful piece of music started playing. It was Music For 18 Musicians by Steve Reich! I went around out front, to see that the place had cleared. I thought that was a pretty cool way […]

  2. Thomas Evers (@thomaus) Says:

    After you mentioned this a couple times recently (2012-13) I looked it up. I added a version of it to my eMusic list. Last month I finally clicked and brought it in all legally and stuff.

    Anyway, you are correct. It’s a great piece. Beautiful and much more timeless than most modern classical I’ve heard. Thanks for the tip.

    • timmccready Says:

      Glad you liked it Thomas! Hopefully someday I’ll make my dream happen of having a performance of MF18M in my backyard.

      Unless something comes up between now and then, I’ll see you on Wednesday!

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