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Two Dinners / One Night

April 30, 2011

I ate 2 dinners in a row last night. Anna had her band Ladies of the Canyon over for supper, as a send-off before their month long Canadian tour. The first date is May 3rd in Winnipeg at the Park Theatre.

After we sat down I almost felt like we were supposed to have a prayer thanking god for friends and family and asking for safety on the road over the next month. Have a safe trip ladies!

Then I went to work at Parts & Labour and had dinner with Brian Richer, Lana and 159-Manning-alumni Darryl.

I’m buying Nyles out of the 159 Manning Recording Studio and re-naming it “Alexander McCready’s Recording Studio Go Fuck Yourself” (or A.M.R.S.G.F.Y. for short). I’m having a sign made to make it official.

Not much is really changing between Nyles and I, or in his relationship to the house or the studio. We’re going to keep playing together in the Third Mind, and we’re both available for $$$ to produce and engineer recordings for bands here. He’s my go-to tech guy, but I pay the rent, and I’m going to own the main pieces of gear and therefore; be in charge, call the shots and tell whoever I want to, to go fuck themselves when they piss me off, at my own discretion, and I’ll make it stick. Nyles is going to keep being A) a really nice guy, B) one of my best friends, and C) recording solo material whenever he wants to.

I’m looking forward to seeing “Recorded by Nyles Miszczyk at Alexander McCready’s Recording Studio G.F.Y.” on a record sleeve.

Children In Heat

April 26, 2011

A life-long dream of mine is coming true; Warren Calbeck and I are doing a Misfits cover band on May 14th at Warrenfest Jr. He’s playing guitar, I’m singing, Greg Benedetto is playing bass. We still need a drummer. Here’s my proposed 10-song setlist in order:

I love this video interview with Glenn Danzig. I think Glenn and I could like each other in person.

Sam McPheeters did a great interview with Danzig for VICE last year. It’s actually a really good interview, I’m not linking to it just to fill space. It’s worth reading.

A fantasy of mine is A) being hired by Danzig to play in his band or B) collaborating with him. I’d be more than happy to shut-the-fuck-up and play whatever/however he says.

Happy Easter

April 24, 2011

My favorite moment of the night were Kazamia’s reactions to Luke’s Peep Show.

Kicking Ass At Stained Glass

April 20, 2011

Making stained glass with middle-aged ladies is “in”, hanging with human-garbage-drug-addicts is “out”

It was almost a year ago that I was first inspired to make a stained glass centerpiece for the front window at 159 Manning. Last night was my 2nd of 5 introductory stained glass classes, and I’ve already finished cutting all my pieces, grinding the edges, and now I’m ready to add foil next week!

When it’s finished, I’m going to hang this one in the window behind the drums in the recording studio.

I enjoy owning these old faux-stained-glass Coca-Cola glasses.

One Hundred Dollars commissioned someone to make a custom stained glass piece for the cover of their new record! I wonder how big it is, and where it’s hanging now? They’re celebrating the album release at the Great Hall here in Toronto on May 13th.

After stained glass class, I headed over to the Cameron House to meet my new friend Juliana for the monthly Toronto Comic Jam. Artists bring their own pens and pencils, the Comic Jam people provide the paper.

Everyone takes turns adding different panels or aspects to each paper until the paper is full, and then a compilation of the drawings is put together, which is available at the next months comic jam.

Juliana drew this cute bearded alterna-sheep on a Macbook. He sort of reminds me of a more pleasant version He Is Just A Rat. I used to love that comic strip.

For the first time since October, I’m going to miss the monthly shape-note singing at Bloor Street United tonight. Work is calling and I gotta pay the bills. So sad. To show my dedication to shape-note, I recorded myself singing all 4 harmonies of one of my favorite songs from the Sacred Harp songbook this morning; Idumea. I recorded each part in 1-take, and only laid down a single vocal track for each of the 4 harmonies.

Tim McCready – Idumea (Charles Wesley, 1763 / Ananias Davisson, 1816)

When people ask me what the Sacred Harp songs are like, I usually say they’re depressing old hymns about how hard life is, and looking forward to death. Here’s the lyrics to Idumea:

And am I born to die?
To lay this body down!
And must my trembling spirit fly
Into a world unknown?

A land of deepest shade
Unpierced by human thought
The dreary regions of the dead
Where all things are forgot

Soon as from earth I go
What will become of me?
Eternal happiness or woe
Must then my portion be

Waked by the trumpet sound
I from my grave shall rise
And see the Judge with glory crowned
And see the flaming skies!

Here’s a video from Dec 1st of the 159 Manning Sacred Harp Choir, which I ran/organized from mid-October 2010 to mid-Jan 2011. We were lucky enough to be led that night by DJ OMGBLOG.COM.

Soft Feet

April 18, 2011

I’ve been playing drums a lot the past few days.

Friday I jammed with Bechard and Mailman.

Saturday I jammed with Bechard and Miszczyk (em-eye-ess-zed-see-zed-why-kay pronounced Miz-chick).

Sunday I jammed with Jenna Rogers. I would almost ask her to join the Third Mind but she sounds pretty busy with her day job so I don’t think she has the time it’d require. Maybe we’ll just jam sometimes and call it the Third Mind and Jenna.

Jenna showed me this video yesterday (which was posted in July 2010) and both of us couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before!!

It has so many things I love in one place; beautiful witchy identical twins playing droning, haunting music beside a dreamachine?! How is it that these girls are from Toronto and nobody told me about them until now? Like, look at the poster from my NYE party:

Let me guess, next you’re going to tell me that Michael Gira (pronounced zshi-rah) is putting out their new record on Young God Records. I just made that up (the rumor started right here, right now), but it wouldn’t surprise me. There’s a couple of other Tasseomancy videos posted here on

Know what book is fucked up? Gira’s book the Consumer. No, you can’t borrow it. You’re not even allowed to look at my copy. I bought it in Austin TX in May 2000, it’s still in mint condition, so it’s worth like $300. Fuck off, go buy your own on ebay or amazon you mooching stealing piece of shit. Everyone who’s “borrowed” books or dvds off me in the past 3 years, please get in touch with me, and bring them back to me before the end of this month (April), because I remember (“Dude, I SWEAR I’ll give it back to you”) but I don’t feel like chasing you (hearing a never-ending stream of lies and bullshit is boring, frustrating, and exhausting) and it’s really fucking irritating (because I didn’t give it to you, you asked and pestered me to borrow. I made it clear that I didn’t want to lend it to you.) and it makes me HATE you (oh you’re so fucking clever). Among many other things, I’m a book collector. I’ve gone to great lengths to acquire and maintain this collection I have, so if you’re a guest in my home, please respect that these objects are important to me. Yeah yeah, I’m happy and in love with life again but I’m still on a war-path. I hated life for too long, because I let too much shit slide, with too many people. “Forgiving” or pretending-to-forget-and/or-not-care is not the answer. My curse is that I care, and I can’t forget.

That said, I’d like to give a shout out to the rare friends (like Siantuese) who insist on borrowing a book because they really really can’t stand to go forward in life without reading it (I sympathize with the feeling), and then actually do bring it back to me in a timely manner, without me harassing or threatening them, in the same condition it was when first borrowed.

But actually don’t ask, because you’ll ask me, I’ll say no, you’ll insist, you’ll take the book and never give it back and then I’ll hate you forever because you stole from me, right in front of me, as a guest in my home. And you’re so blase about it. AWESOME!

Met You On Livejournal 2.0

April 15, 2011

Remember before 2 weeks ago when I hated my life for, mmmm, forever? So glad things are finally up up up again!! Whew! Too many people I’ve loved and care about need to learn how to feel good about themselves and have a good time without putting cocaine up their noses. It kills 2-way communication. Hey we all like to party, (maybe for special occasions?) but there’s a time and a place, and if you’re my friend, it’s because we have things in common and I like you when I’m sober, and I hope you feel the same way about me. I’m not judging, do whatever the fuck you’re going to do, I’m not going to stop you or even give you cut-eye about it. I’m only saying this once, because I give a shit about you. DONE. Moving on…

I love this pic. My favorite celebrity chef with my favorite celebrity half-black Jew. Yes, I favor Beckles over Slash and Lenny Kravitz. That said, with Beckles as the singer, I think the 3 of them could put together a great punky-funk-metal band. Even better than Fumblekin.

Beckles’ friend Mungo and his honey-bunny recently come from Japan to live in Toronto. The 4 of us shared the most expensive piece of meat on the menu at P&L. It was delicious.

Mark Pesci is so over it. Just kidding. Mark is one of the least “over-it” people I know.

Tye loves Texas Is The Reason.


Who’s this happy motherfucker with the stupid mustache? He just showed up on the scene a couple of weeks ago, and now he’s everywhere. Stop smiling!!

Look who’s wasteddddd!


Kristal Kent taped an episode of Scotch Talk with me a couple of months ago. We barely knew each other, got super wasted, and real-talked everything out on camera. I still have to review the footage, but I swear I’ll find something to edit together that won’t ruin anyone’s life. She’s very funny.

These girls knew the words to EVERY SINGLE SONG and wouldn’t stop dancing! These 2 are why we throw this night.

I didn’t play even 1 song last night. At one point I asked Antonella a few times when I could play but she kept ignoring me so I gave up and stuck to drinking and taking pictures.

You 2 need to start eating at McDonalds everyday and stop being so good looking.

Happy birthday Matt Turenne! I LOVE YOU!! You and I are throwing our own night soon. Imagine that the black void in the picture is me, and that’s what this night will look like.

Do not fuck with us. We will fuck u up.

Looks who’s back from his 3.75 month world tour with his lady! The Third Mind is starting up again. Mailman’s in, Cheeseman’s out. We had a jam today, we just gotta get Nyles over here now.