It’s spring! New roommate moved in today, old roommate moved out on April 1st. Even after only 4 days, it feels so good to have the house feel like a “home” again, instead of like the NW corner of Queen and Bathurst. I can think again without feeling angry, anxious, frustrated, depressed and suicidal. What’s that you say? “Oh Tim, it wasn’t that bad”. Go fuck yourself, yes it was. Whoever you are, that wants to say it couldn’t have been that bad; GO FUCK YOURSELF, DON’T EVER SPEAK TO ME, OR LOOK ME IN THE EYE AGAIN. YOU’RE DEAD TO ME. As for everyone else in the world (that I haven’t previously excommunicated for other reasons); I’m back, and I love you all. 🙂 Let’s move forward, we don’t need to talk about this again.

Know what I love about these pictures? There’s nobody in them.

New roommate Anna brought a couple of her paintings with her that I’ve hung in the front hallway. I think the black paintings on white walls look great! I like the size of them as well. It accentuates the height of the ceilings.

I love the movie DIG!, about the Dandy Warhols and Brian Jonestown Massacre. I went to see BJM at St Andrews Hall in Detroit in 2001 but they didn’t show up.

Never trust a junkie.

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  1. t r Says:

    J and J, genius x 2

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