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Girls Who I Think Are Cool – Part 1

April 5, 2011

I went see Clara Venice‘s debut performance at the Music Gallery on March 11, and she was amazing! Her performance was a collaboration with video artist Ken Ogawa. She proficiently switches instruments for each song and there’s a whole range of tempos and styles throughout the set. When I review or promote something I’m into, I often like to qualify it with at least one negative comment (as a security blanket), but Clara is just too good to insult. There’s nothing bad to be said about her, her performance, or her songs. It’s well thought-out, well executed, and is straight-up enjoyable to experience. Clara, I salute you!

I’m putting together a reading series with Kate Carraway. I’d read her former Eye Weekly column My Life My Fault several times and always felt some sort of affinity or connection to her. Our paths never crossed, but for a couple of years now she’s been someone in the back of my mind that I thought I’d like to get to know, or do something with. Out of nowhere, she hit me up in January about putting together some sort of reading series with her, so of course I was like “fuck yeah!”. Because I like what she does, and we’d never met or corresponded before, it felt good to have her come to me as the guy she’d want to do an event with. Don’t worry, I’m not letting it go to my head.

She’s curated 3 other writers, who I understand to be Chandler Levack, David Balzer and Chris Randle. I’ll be hosting a couple of super-exclusive-invite-only readings here at 159 Manning in the next couple of months, culminating in the 4 of them reading at the 159 Manning BBQ on June 17th. Shits going to go OFF!

Spitfist opened for Black Lungs, and White Lung at Parts & Labour last Friday. All 3 bands tore up the floor that night, but because I’d never heard of them before, I was most surprised by how great Spitfist were. Heavy, fast, abrasive, yet catchy! They remind me of L7, and they rule.

And then there’s this babe who I met a few months ago and totally have a giant crush on. But then, who doesn’t have a crush on Leslie? Tell me she’s still single.


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