Met You On Livejournal 2.0

Antonella AKA killing_girls, Angela AKA hardcoresnaps and me AKA timmccready are throwing another emo night at Parts & Labour next Thursday, April 14th!! My livejournal is over 10 years old now!

Roy Culver AKA brokn2pieces was the person who originally told me to sign up for livejournal after I’d spent the summer as his intern at Tooth and Nail / Solid State Records in Seattle. Here’s some pics from around the Tooth and Nail office, August 2000.

To this day, I will seek out and listen to any metal band or record that Roy says he is a fan of, or anything he recommends (that isn’t gay porn). Roy is one of the most kind and caring friends I’ve ever had.

Brandon Ebel; this guy started the company with a $30k loan when he was 23 and turned it into an empire. I respect that.

Blenderhead singer and T&N General Manager Bill Power with Amanda McKinnon AKA gidgetrocker. Amanda and I were both interns that summer, and we were both offered jobs at the end of our internships. She accepted the job, I went back to Windsor to start my Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts/Communication Studies (and live with my parents again). Going back to Windsor was a huge bummer, but that’s a whole other story.

Chris Estey; I love this guy. Such an amazing passionate writer and overall music freak. I could listen to him talk about music, drugs, counter-culture, and his life experiences all day long. Oh, to know everything that has ever been in Estey’s brain…the thought scares and excites me. Right or wrong, his shit is real, and I’m into it.

Geoff; meh.

On the left; Brandon’s brother Seth Ebel. On the right; another intern who’s name I can’t remember. He didn’t leave an impression upon me.

Senior Accountant Jim Worthen. Nice guy. One day I was going around the building emptying everyone’s garbage pails into a larger garbage bag and found a DBG’s/Crockpot Oatmeal split cd in Jim’s garbage. I never told Brayden and Dustin about this discovery, but maybe now they’ll know that even back then, nobody else gave a fuck about their shitty band except for me; and that was only because we were friends.

Anneka Winters was the Mormon accountant. Wonderful, sweet girl, but I don’t believe she ever had a livejournal.

Suzy was a graphic designer at Tooth and Nail, a Wipers fan, and one of the few employees at that time who had absolutely no ties or affiliation with Christianity or religion. She designed all the posters in the pic below (except the Gas Huffer one).

Oh yeahh, eating pizza with Luti-Kriss AKA Norma Jean. Their haircuts were very emo.

I make a point of retelling my stories again and again, so the memories won’t fade.

One Response to “Met You On Livejournal 2.0”

  1. Roy Says:

    I don’t remember who that intern is/was either. Everyone looks so young. I was going to say young and hopeful but I’m probably more hopeful now than I was then. Maybe.

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