Frantic City

Schouten and I drove out to the Milton Auction this morning.

Neither of us saw anything that we wanted to bid on, so we each ordered bacon-on-a-bun and left.

We went to the Reuse Center where I bought a collection of 17 books and VHS for $17, and then out to Burlington where I bought 5 records.

I believe “Tim” is Eamon McGrath’s favorite Replacements album, and I also understand the Replacements to be his all-time-favorite band. During last summers tour, when he wasn’t looking out the van window saying “That girl’s hot. THAT girls hot. OMG, look at that one, she’s SO hot”, he’d go on and on and on about every band he loves and which albums he loves and why they’re so amazing blah blah blah (which is one of the things I like about him and find much more tolerable and engaging than saying every girl is hot) and he said Tim was the Replacements drug dealer.

If there’s one goal I strive and hope for; it’s that I’ll never lose my ability to surprise and impress you.

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