Asia Minor

The Sphinxs play at Parts & Labour tonight with Modern Superstitions and Davilla 666.

The Spinxs record is done! Nyles recorded it in early January here at 159 Manning. He finished mixing all 11 songs yesterday, so they’re ready to be mastered! This record is a long time coming. The Bang Bangs started in what, 2006? Gone through 30 or 40 members? This record is AMAZING!! I’m proud of you Sian!!! xoxoxo

This is the single: The Sphinxs – Asia Minor (unmastered)

This is footage from my last show playing bass with the Bang-Bangs, October 30th 2009, which I also believe was their last show before the band morphed into the Sphinxs.

I believe their first show as the Sphinxs was in July 2010, the one where I beat the shit out of the guy who attacked Cheeseman. I think that’s the last time I hung out with Adrienne before she broke up with me so she could date a shitty comedian who I thought was my friend. Fuck that guy, we’re not friends, never gonna be. I think this is the first time I’ve made any specific mention of our breakup on this blog.

I’m single, and I’m not in love with anyone, so my heart is available. That’s all I need to say, and it’s been a long time coming. I guess a lot of things have been a long time coming. And now, here we are.

Being a cocaine addict is gross and pathetic. Ew.

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