Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’

Choir!Choir!Choir! (led as always, by Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman) performed our first “official” show last night inside and outside the Boat, opening for the Soundtastics! Choir member Christina Palassio wrote a great article about the choir for the Toronto Standard last week.

After we sang, I had to rush off to Parts & Labour to do sound for the Sphinxs, Modern Superstitions and Davila 666.

Alexandra Gutnik and her crew (sorry, can’t remember their names) recorded the entire show on some fancy 1-of-a-kind 24-track-recorder. I can tell that girl is good people. Plus, she has an identical twin and I’m convinced that twins are magic.

The new sound desk I built looks pretty awesome, huh?

I couldn’t get close enough to the stage area to take any pics of Modern Superstitions or Davila 666 (+ I was busy manning the sound console) so here’s a pic of half of Modern Superstitions playing table hockey. I’m sure Ivy Lovell will post some pics of the bands soon.

Today marks the last day of cleaning up from the NYE party. Nick Bechard busted his ass bagging up all the cardboard, wood, garbage and bottles that were still strewn around the yard. I need to figure out in the next week if my garden is happening or not.

Friday June 17th 2pm to 11pm will be the 3rd annual 159 Manning BBQ. Hopefully the biggest and best one yet! The line-up is almost complete. Confirmed acts so far are DJ OMGBLOG.COM, Burning Love, BIBLICAL, Ell V Gore, Fields of Fur, Choir!Choir!Choir! with readings by Carraway, Levack, Randle, and Balzer. Free veggie burgers and I’m spit-roasting a pig (the pig was Matty Matheson’s suggestion). The best-of-the-best that Toronto has to offer, with a bit of an east coast flavor, all in one place! It’s going to be like the first few Lollapaloozas, how there was a metal band, a drug band, a girl band, a hip-hop act, a rock band with all black members, an industrial/goth band, + spoken word performers, gay stuff, and whatever else they could throw in. I wonder where I can rent an elephant? Doors open at 1pm, so book the afternoon off work because awesome shit starts right at 2pm. There’s no filler.

Even I can’t believe this is happening.

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    […] had Alexandra Gutnik (the girl who recorded the Sphinx and Davila 666 sets at P&L 3 weeks ago) over to record the Misfits-cover-band band-practice I had tonight with Warren and Zack […]

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