Met You On Livejournal 2.0

Remember before 2 weeks ago when I hated my life for, mmmm, forever? So glad things are finally up up up again!! Whew! Too many people I’ve loved and care about need to learn how to feel good about themselves and have a good time without putting cocaine up their noses. It kills 2-way communication. Hey we all like to party, (maybe for special occasions?) but there’s a time and a place, and if you’re my friend, it’s because we have things in common and I like you when I’m sober, and I hope you feel the same way about me. I’m not judging, do whatever the fuck you’re going to do, I’m not going to stop you or even give you cut-eye about it. I’m only saying this once, because I give a shit about you. DONE. Moving on…

I love this pic. My favorite celebrity chef with my favorite celebrity half-black Jew. Yes, I favor Beckles over Slash and Lenny Kravitz. That said, with Beckles as the singer, I think the 3 of them could put together a great punky-funk-metal band. Even better than Fumblekin.

Beckles’ friend Mungo and his honey-bunny recently come from Japan to live in Toronto. The 4 of us shared the most expensive piece of meat on the menu at P&L. It was delicious.

Mark Pesci is so over it. Just kidding. Mark is one of the least “over-it” people I know.

Tye loves Texas Is The Reason.


Who’s this happy motherfucker with the stupid mustache? He just showed up on the scene a couple of weeks ago, and now he’s everywhere. Stop smiling!!

Look who’s wasteddddd!


Kristal Kent taped an episode of Scotch Talk with me a couple of months ago. We barely knew each other, got super wasted, and real-talked everything out on camera. I still have to review the footage, but I swear I’ll find something to edit together that won’t ruin anyone’s life. She’s very funny.

These girls knew the words to EVERY SINGLE SONG and wouldn’t stop dancing! These 2 are why we throw this night.

I didn’t play even 1 song last night. At one point I asked Antonella a few times when I could play but she kept ignoring me so I gave up and stuck to drinking and taking pictures.

You 2 need to start eating at McDonalds everyday and stop being so good looking.

Happy birthday Matt Turenne! I LOVE YOU!! You and I are throwing our own night soon. Imagine that the black void in the picture is me, and that’s what this night will look like.

Do not fuck with us. We will fuck u up.

Looks who’s back from his 3.75 month world tour with his lady! The Third Mind is starting up again. Mailman’s in, Cheeseman’s out. We had a jam today, we just gotta get Nyles over here now.

8 Responses to “Met You On Livejournal 2.0”

  1. Niall Says:

    Great to hear posi-Tim!!!
    Let’s get some Mcnuggs soon.

  2. Townerson Says:

    This was the most fun night in a loooong while. Sadly, your photo caught me leaning on the bar and not dancing/losing my wallet/encouraging my friends to strip/singing everything emo like I’m back in first year/finding my wallet/kissing Matt/kissing that random drunk girl/having the greatest text chat ever with Mr. Bechard/drinking all of the vodka. So you must have taken it in the first 5 minutes I was there.

  3. ianclary Says:

    Seriously, your captions are hilarious.

  4. antonella Says:

    OOOOPS you asked me if you could play a song? I ignored you because the alcohol clearly plugged my ears. Next time you get a whole set, pinky promise, xo

  5. Jyoti Says:

    Why is that every time I see you I’m a mess? Dammit.

  6. chelsea Says:

    that fucking moustache guy is the best! bring his smiling face everywhere! no one has ever been so happy ever ever ever!

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