Children In Heat

A life-long dream of mine is coming true; Warren Calbeck and I are doing a Misfits cover band on May 14th at Warrenfest Jr. He’s playing guitar, I’m singing, Greg Benedetto is playing bass. We still need a drummer. Here’s my proposed 10-song setlist in order:

I love this video interview with Glenn Danzig. I think Glenn and I could like each other in person.

Sam McPheeters did a great interview with Danzig for VICE last year. It’s actually a really good interview, I’m not linking to it just to fill space. It’s worth reading.

A fantasy of mine is A) being hired by Danzig to play in his band or B) collaborating with him. I’d be more than happy to shut-the-fuck-up and play whatever/however he says.

5 Responses to “Children In Heat”

  1. ianclary Says:

    What?? No “Horror Business”? No “American Nightmare”? No “Who Killed Marilyn?”? I’m gobsmacked. Even “TV Casualty” should be up there!

  2. chelsea Says:

    I can never get Where Eagles Dare out of my head.

  3. Roy Says:

    When I was A&R for The Agony Scene they told me some interesting/WTF? stories of their time on tour w/ Danzig. He doesn’t suffer foolishness at all.

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