Two Dinners / One Night

I ate 2 dinners in a row last night. Anna had her band Ladies of the Canyon over for supper, as a send-off before their month long Canadian tour. The first date is May 3rd in Winnipeg at the Park Theatre.

After we sat down I almost felt like we were supposed to have a prayer thanking god for friends and family and asking for safety on the road over the next month. Have a safe trip ladies!

Then I went to work at Parts & Labour and had dinner with Brian Richer, Lana and 159-Manning-alumni Darryl.

I’m buying Nyles out of the 159 Manning Recording Studio and re-naming it “Alexander McCready’s Recording Studio Go Fuck Yourself” (or A.M.R.S.G.F.Y. for short). I’m having a sign made to make it official.

Not much is really changing between Nyles and I, or in his relationship to the house or the studio. We’re going to keep playing together in the Third Mind, and we’re both available for $$$ to produce and engineer recordings for bands here. He’s my go-to tech guy, but I pay the rent, and I’m going to own the main pieces of gear and therefore; be in charge, call the shots and tell whoever I want to, to go fuck themselves when they piss me off, at my own discretion, and I’ll make it stick. Nyles is going to keep being A) a really nice guy, B) one of my best friends, and C) recording solo material whenever he wants to.

I’m looking forward to seeing “Recorded by Nyles Miszczyk at Alexander McCready’s Recording Studio G.F.Y.” on a record sleeve.

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