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Crunch Time

May 30, 2011

I finished writing my newest article for the WA yesterday…

…and took some more portraits this week.


Jenn and Jonathan

I’m very happy with my newly refinished floors.

I came to a rental agreement with my neighbor. I’m paying her $$ for me to roll back the chain link fence and connect it to the backyard at 159 Manning for the bbq on June 17th. I will make the official lineup announcement tomorrow with ticket information. Tickets are going to be $30. If you think it’s too expensive; don’t bitch/don’t come, because it’s going to be fucking awesome. It will unquestionably be the biggest, best, most elaborate party in the history of 159 Manning.

I was sent a picture of my Sloan backdrop in action! When you see Sloan on tour this summer, and you’re standing around near the front of the stage, waiting for Sloan to come on, you can look at that backdrop and say to yourself, “Wow, Tim McCready sewed, painted, and put grommets in that thing all my himself in the living room of 159 Manning”.

I was exhausted last night after finishing the WA article, and since I’ve been spending the past week confirming details and budget for the BBQ, and refinishing the floors and putting the house back together, but last night was the final deadline for the Adventures Of Power Air Drum Battle contest. I promised director/writer/star/friend-of-mine Ari Gold that I’d submit an entry before the contest closed and I did! You can tell I’m exhausted in the video, but I still did it…

Dentata @ the Dungeon

May 23, 2011

VILE moved their party from the Beaver to the Dungeon, a new D.I.Y. venue on Niagara. It was their opening weekend and the cops shut it down both Friday and Saturday nights, so it might be their closing weekend too, but hopefully not, because it seems like a fun little shit-hole to throw parties in. It’s called the Dungeon for a reason.

Dentata played their first show in several months at the Dungeon on Saturday night, and they slayed. It’s fun watching great, young bands progress over short periods of time and get even better. Neil’s guitar parts seemed a lot more prominent on Saturday than when I’ve seen Dentata in the past.

Mark Pesci and Victoria Rivers both stopped by yesterday afternoon.

Victoria hates pictures of herself and made me promise not to post her portrait anywhere (even though it’s going to be used for some lawyer publication) so hopefully this is a good compromise.

I am finished Sloan’s backdrop, just in time for them to leave on tour at midnight tonight! The final specs are 10.5′ high x 17′ wide, and the XX’s are 5’8″ high x 8′ wide.

I sewed it, put the grommets in, and painted it all by myself!

I did sound at P&L last night for an all-ages show, which I had expected to suck, and then was incredibly good! The third band was a 7 piece prog rock/jazz band, and I was passively jealous of how nonchalantly great they were.

Everything You’ve Done Right

May 20, 2011

I took this portrait of Gregory Macdonald yesterday afternoon (just after he’d finished taping on Strombo’s show) for him to print 8″x10″ glossy photos for him to autograph and leave at restaurants across North America over the next 2 months.

There’s already one up on the wall at Caplansky’s.

Gregory is the 5th Sloan (that’s what members of Sloan are called right, a “Sloan”? Like being a Beatle?). Look in the credits for their new album The Double Cross; his name is everywhere. Gregory, Mike Nelson and I went out drinking last night. I got completely shitfaced, and then I accidentally stood-up my 11am portrait sitting I’d scheduled for this morning. Hooray for me! 😦

One of my projects this week is making a backdrop for them to use on their tour.

It’s going to look like this:

Sloan has recently become a major presence in my life. A lot of the people I’ve been spending time with are involved with them in some way or another, and they’ve been hiring me to do work for them, soooo three cheers for Sloan! I’m happy to be doing stuff with their team. It’s definitely good for me, and I like to tell myself it’s good for them too.

Check out this video of Choir!Choir!Choir! singing Everything You’ve Done Wrong that Catherine Stockhausen produced. I’m totally in this video!

Not A Punk House, Nor A Party House

May 19, 2011

It’s been easy for a lot of people (including some past residents) to mistake 159 Manning for a punk house, or a party house. It is neither. It is my Castle Greyskull, and it is my hope that refinishing the floors (and painting the interior white) will help dispel any rumors or myths to the contrary. Let no-one ever say I don’t work my ass off every morning, noon, and night (or simply that I “don’t work”) because I don’t have a 9 to 5 job outside the house. I curse sickness, disaster and misfortune upon my enemies who rise against me, and upon anyone who calls themselves my friend but dishonestly uses me, or intentionally sabotages me. Your “cleverness” will be the end of you.

I hosted a small intimate reading night here at 159 on Tuesday night with Kate Carraway, David Balzer, Chris Randle + 3 guests. It was our first “band-practice” for the readings on June 17th. It was my first time meeting Balzer and Randle, my second time meeting Carraway, and I thought it went really well. I like them.

Last night I did sound at Parts & Labour for a tribute to Daniel Jones, coinciding with the re-release of his books 1978 and The Brave Never Write Poetry.

The readers all gave intros to the poems or sections of prose they’d chosen to read, with tender memories of either knowing Daniel Jones, the influence his writing had on them, or stories they’d heard about him from friends who’d known him. He passed away in 1994, but as of last night, he’s affected me.

I took this portrait of Jeremy R. Jansen this morning.

This dude is a solid bro. He’s another guy who works his ass off; and I wish him all the happiness, health and good fortune that this world has to offer.

Wonkavision – 15 Years Later…

May 17, 2011

Ian Clary stopped by 159 Manning this morning for a portrait with his son Jack.

Ian and I went to Kindergarden together, and he recently finished his 2nd Masters Degree in Theology. I’ve never met his wife, but she’s a nurse and has an identical twin. Ian and I don’t see each other very often so I thought this would be a good day to do my self portrait, Nick’s portrait and repost some photos of our old band from 1995-1996, Wonkavision.

This one was in my bedroom in my parents basement on Frank Avenue in Windsor. It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who knows me now that my room was filled with books, images cut-out from magazines, and music equipment. I still have that drum-set in the back, and the drafting table, laundry basket and music stand on the left. Of course, I still have almost everything I’ve ever owned. That’s what 159 Manning is filled with.

This was the photo we used for the cover of our first tape, “$3 Basement Party”.

Nick looks really tired in his portrait, because he’s just worked a 12 hour shift, 2 nights in a row at the Salvation Army Gateway Homeless Shelter on Jarvis, and is running on no sleep today.

This photo was taken at the Acapulco Delight on Prom Night. The date in the bottom corner, says May 25, 1996. It’s been 15 fucking years!

Each of us turn 33 years old this year. If you add it up we’re almost 100 years old now. We weren’t even 50 back then!

Where Eagles Dare

May 16, 2011

My dad and I worked on the floors here Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We finished sanding the library, the living room, the mail floor and 2nd floor hallways, my photo studio, and are almost done stripping the tar paper from the kitchen. We put polyurethane on the front hallway, which is what I’ll start doing to the rest of the house today.

I took a break for a couple of hours from working on Saturday afternoon to have a jam with Jo Snyder, Jenna and Robbie. We’ll be ready to start tracking Jo’s new songs soon, and we’re all really happy with how the songs are developing. Jo and Jenna are both singing and playing guitar, and they have a great synergy together. I’m excited to record this project! This is the cover for Jo’s previous 7″ single.

Andrea and her brother Ian (who happens to be a Master Plumber) stopped by later that afternoon to take a look at the main floor bathroom, for the bathroom makeover tv show pilot we’re putting together. The working title is “Pimp My Loo” but I think we can come up with something more clever. We’re open to suggestions.

The Children In Heat show went off on Saturday night! As previously mentioned, I have wanted to front a Misfits tribute/cover band for years. Warren, Greg and Zack were the perfect musicians for the band, and the crowd at Warrenfest Jr was the perfect audience. I’m stoked that everyone else was so stoked about it!

I posted our performance of Hybrid Moments here.