Your BBQ Lies in RUINS

Clara Venice is peforming at Parts & Labour on Thursday night, and I highly recommend going to the show, because she is awesome and I was the one who told Mark Pesci to book her. If you don’t come, you will regret it later, but I won’t have any sympathy for you, because I told you to come, and you didn’t listen to me. Pffft!

At this very moment, I’m listening to Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Roy Culver sent me the split they did with Despise You last night, saying it’s his favorite album of 2011 so far. I like Despise You’s cover of “I Don’t Care About You” by Fear.

I’m recording/producing 2 songs for Jo Snyder which she intends to release at a 7″ this summer. I’m going to play bass and not sure what else yet. We had a jam yesterday morning to record some rough demos of the songs before we start tracking next weekend.

Jo wrote the songs and is singing and playing guitar.

Robbie Richardson is playing drums.

I recruited Jenna Rogers to play 2nd guitar and sing some backup vocals and harmonies.

The songs are called “Until Death” and “My Favorite Part”.

I went to RUINS after the jam and had a couple of burgers and a couple of Caesars.

One Response to “Your BBQ Lies in RUINS”

  1. Roy Says:

    I like the Fear cover as well! If you’re not feeling the rest of it, give it a chance. I’m listening to it nearly everyday.

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