Friday the 13th

My dad, Raymond Alexander McCready, is here this weekend, refinishing the floors of 159 Manning with me. This house is going to be so pimped out for the BBQ on June 17th. More details to come.

I finished my beginners stained glass class sessions last Tuesday, and completed my first stained glass project! I plan to set up a studio area for it in the basement. It won’t take up much room.

I built a roof over the storage area of Stefanie Purificati’s deck yesterday. I’m putting shingles on it on Sunday.

I took these pictures of my fellow Met You On Livejournal DJ, Antonella Lombardi, yesterday morning. She’s very attractive, isn’t she?

I posted both of these photos of her on facebook and she untagged herself from this second one. WTF?! This is one of my favorite portraits I’ve taken so far! Anto, are you afraid of being too much of a babe? FAIL.

I took a bunch of portraits of Allison and Lauren Knight on Wednesday, which may or may not be used for their book, which is coming out in July. They art directed their various outfits and poses themselves. I think this one is my favorite because they look soooo identical and I mixed their hair together to accentuate the Siamese nature of their twin-identity.

Ari Gold is in town for a screening of the Adventures of Power, for the Deaf Film Festival. He wrote, directed and stars in the film, and is also a musician, a book collector, and has an identical twin. This picture was from our test-shots when he first came in, but it’s my favorite of the 100+ pictures I took of him today. He said he thought it made him look like a goof, but I just think it makes him look busy. I respect busy.

I also took these portraits of Dave Burns…

…and Mike Gauthier yesterday afternoon.

And then I worked at Parts & Labour yesterday evening for the Clara Venice show! It was such a high-quality production, and everyone was drinking red wine!

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone use a follow-spot at Parts & Labour.

Clara and I are going to do a photo-shoot soon where she’ll wear different wigs and different outfits each picture. I kind of want to start a musical side project with her where I’ll play drums, and she can sing and play whatever, but sort of sloppy and punk in a sense. We shall seeee….

One Response to “Friday the 13th”

  1. antonella Says:

    someone else made the “mona lisa smile” comment. why does that make me uneasy?

    that pic of the twins is unreal.

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