Where Eagles Dare

My dad and I worked on the floors here Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We finished sanding the library, the living room, the mail floor and 2nd floor hallways, my photo studio, and are almost done stripping the tar paper from the kitchen. We put polyurethane on the front hallway, which is what I’ll start doing to the rest of the house today.

I took a break for a couple of hours from working on Saturday afternoon to have a jam with Jo Snyder, Jenna and Robbie. We’ll be ready to start tracking Jo’s new songs soon, and we’re all really happy with how the songs are developing. Jo and Jenna are both singing and playing guitar, and they have a great synergy together. I’m excited to record this project! This is the cover for Jo’s previous 7″ single.

Andrea and her brother Ian (who happens to be a Master Plumber) stopped by later that afternoon to take a look at the main floor bathroom, for the bathroom makeover tv show pilot we’re putting together. The working title is “Pimp My Loo” but I think we can come up with something more clever. We’re open to suggestions.

The Children In Heat show went off on Saturday night! As previously mentioned, I have wanted to front a Misfits tribute/cover band for years. Warren, Greg and Zack were the perfect musicians for the band, and the crowd at Warrenfest Jr was the perfect audience. I’m stoked that everyone else was so stoked about it!

I posted our performance of Hybrid Moments here.

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