Wonkavision – 15 Years Later…

Ian Clary stopped by 159 Manning this morning for a portrait with his son Jack.

Ian and I went to Kindergarden together, and he recently finished his 2nd Masters Degree in Theology. I’ve never met his wife, but she’s a nurse and has an identical twin. Ian and I don’t see each other very often so I thought this would be a good day to do my self portrait, Nick’s portrait and repost some photos of our old band from 1995-1996, Wonkavision.

This one was in my bedroom in my parents basement on Frank Avenue in Windsor. It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who knows me now that my room was filled with books, images cut-out from magazines, and music equipment. I still have that drum-set in the back, and the drafting table, laundry basket and music stand on the left. Of course, I still have almost everything I’ve ever owned. That’s what 159 Manning is filled with.

This was the photo we used for the cover of our first tape, “$3 Basement Party”.

Nick looks really tired in his portrait, because he’s just worked a 12 hour shift, 2 nights in a row at the Salvation Army Gateway Homeless Shelter on Jarvis, and is running on no sleep today.

This photo was taken at the Acapulco Delight on Prom Night. The date in the bottom corner, says May 25, 1996. It’s been 15 fucking years!

Each of us turn 33 years old this year. If you add it up we’re almost 100 years old now. We weren’t even 50 back then!

5 Responses to “Wonkavision – 15 Years Later…”

  1. Band Pics | RearViewMirror Says:

    […] be fifteen years old. Tim, the singer, posted some “then and now” pics on his blog here. The above pic is from a show we did at the Acapulco Delight in Windsor, a building that no longer […]

  2. Roy Says:

    Kinda surprised to see a picture of Ian here.

  3. Roy Says:

    But glad to see it.

  4. 10 Bands I’ve Played In « Timothy Alexander McCready Says:

    […] Wonkavision – Saturday afternoon: Spring 1996 @ my parents basement in Windsor Tim McCready – […]

  5. Dave Says:

    Did a Google search for the Gateway and Saw a pic of Nick Bechard. A good dude!

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