Not A Punk House, Nor A Party House

It’s been easy for a lot of people (including some past residents) to mistake 159 Manning for a punk house, or a party house. It is neither. It is my Castle Greyskull, and it is my hope that refinishing the floors (and painting the interior white) will help dispel any rumors or myths to the contrary. Let no-one ever say I don’t work my ass off every morning, noon, and night (or simply that I “don’t work”) because I don’t have a 9 to 5 job outside the house. I curse sickness, disaster and misfortune upon my enemies who rise against me, and upon anyone who calls themselves my friend but dishonestly uses me, or intentionally sabotages me. Your “cleverness” will be the end of you.

I hosted a small intimate reading night here at 159 on Tuesday night with Kate Carraway, David Balzer, Chris Randle + 3 guests. It was our first “band-practice” for the readings on June 17th. It was my first time meeting Balzer and Randle, my second time meeting Carraway, and I thought it went really well. I like them.

Last night I did sound at Parts & Labour for a tribute to Daniel Jones, coinciding with the re-release of his books 1978 and The Brave Never Write Poetry.

The readers all gave intros to the poems or sections of prose they’d chosen to read, with tender memories of either knowing Daniel Jones, the influence his writing had on them, or stories they’d heard about him from friends who’d known him. He passed away in 1994, but as of last night, he’s affected me.

I took this portrait of Jeremy R. Jansen this morning.

This dude is a solid bro. He’s another guy who works his ass off; and I wish him all the happiness, health and good fortune that this world has to offer.

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