Everything You’ve Done Right

I took this portrait of Gregory Macdonald yesterday afternoon (just after he’d finished taping on Strombo’s show) for him to print 8″x10″ glossy photos for him to autograph and leave at restaurants across North America over the next 2 months.

There’s already one up on the wall at Caplansky’s.

Gregory is the 5th Sloan (that’s what members of Sloan are called right, a “Sloan”? Like being a Beatle?). Look in the credits for their new album The Double Cross; his name is everywhere. Gregory, Mike Nelson and I went out drinking last night. I got completely shitfaced, and then I accidentally stood-up my 11am portrait sitting I’d scheduled for this morning. Hooray for me! 😦

One of my projects this week is making a backdrop for them to use on their tour.

It’s going to look like this:

Sloan has recently become a major presence in my life. A lot of the people I’ve been spending time with are involved with them in some way or another, and they’ve been hiring me to do work for them, soooo three cheers for Sloan! I’m happy to be doing stuff with their team. It’s definitely good for me, and I like to tell myself it’s good for them too.

Check out this video of Choir!Choir!Choir! singing Everything You’ve Done Wrong that Catherine Stockhausen produced. I’m totally in this video!

One Response to “Everything You’ve Done Right”

  1. lisa Says:

    You are pretty fantastic Tim.

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