Dentata @ the Dungeon

VILE moved their party from the Beaver to the Dungeon, a new D.I.Y. venue on Niagara. It was their opening weekend and the cops shut it down both Friday and Saturday nights, so it might be their closing weekend too, but hopefully not, because it seems like a fun little shit-hole to throw parties in. It’s called the Dungeon for a reason.

Dentata played their first show in several months at the Dungeon on Saturday night, and they slayed. It’s fun watching great, young bands progress over short periods of time and get even better. Neil’s guitar parts seemed a lot more prominent on Saturday than when I’ve seen Dentata in the past.

Mark Pesci and Victoria Rivers both stopped by yesterday afternoon.

Victoria hates pictures of herself and made me promise not to post her portrait anywhere (even though it’s going to be used for some lawyer publication) so hopefully this is a good compromise.

I am finished Sloan’s backdrop, just in time for them to leave on tour at midnight tonight! The final specs are 10.5′ high x 17′ wide, and the XX’s are 5’8″ high x 8′ wide.

I sewed it, put the grommets in, and painted it all by myself!

I did sound at P&L last night for an all-ages show, which I had expected to suck, and then was incredibly good! The third band was a 7 piece prog rock/jazz band, and I was passively jealous of how nonchalantly great they were.

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