Crunch Time

I finished writing my newest article for the WA yesterday…

…and took some more portraits this week.


Jenn and Jonathan

I’m very happy with my newly refinished floors.

I came to a rental agreement with my neighbor. I’m paying her $$ for me to roll back the chain link fence and connect it to the backyard at 159 Manning for the bbq on June 17th. I will make the official lineup announcement tomorrow with ticket information. Tickets are going to be $30. If you think it’s too expensive; don’t bitch/don’t come, because it’s going to be fucking awesome. It will unquestionably be the biggest, best, most elaborate party in the history of 159 Manning.

I was sent a picture of my Sloan backdrop in action! When you see Sloan on tour this summer, and you’re standing around near the front of the stage, waiting for Sloan to come on, you can look at that backdrop and say to yourself, “Wow, Tim McCready sewed, painted, and put grommets in that thing all my himself in the living room of 159 Manning”.

I was exhausted last night after finishing the WA article, and since I’ve been spending the past week confirming details and budget for the BBQ, and refinishing the floors and putting the house back together, but last night was the final deadline for the Adventures Of Power Air Drum Battle contest. I promised director/writer/star/friend-of-mine Ari Gold that I’d submit an entry before the contest closed and I did! You can tell I’m exhausted in the video, but I still did it…

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