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Portraits by Chris van Doorn

June 29, 2011

Chris sent me scans from 2 rolls of film he shot at the BBQ. Half of them were headshots, and I like them.

More BBQ Pics

June 28, 2011

Photos by me, Jonathan Thiang, Ivy Lovell, Chris Van Doorn, Rebecca Kohler, Rafaël Hart Barnwell and Cameron Carr. Videos by me. Click here to read what Toronto Social Review had to say about the party!

Sarah Townson’s 159 Manning BBQ Pics

June 22, 2011

I am still recovering from the BBQ; cleaning up the house, collecting money, sending invoices, paying invoices, following up with people etc… but it was hands down the best party we’ve ever thrown here at 159 Manning. Everything about the entire day was amazing, but my 5 highlights were Buck 65 in the backyard, Rich Aucoin in the basement, Biblical in the living room, the potato salad and the mustaches Choir!Choir!Choir! made in my honor. It was worth all the stress I went through to co-ordinate 11 hours of 100% amazing-ness, and I’m glad so many people came to share it with me. There was a great article on about the party!

I’m still going through my pics and video from Friday, so in the meantime here’s 8 pics Sarah Townson sent me:

I would also like to give special shout-outs to Nick Chen-Yin and Jon Pong for the amazing amazing food and working all day long, my dad, Marissa Janes, Emily Patterson, Mike Nelson, Nick and Nyles for all their extra hard work during the party. I can’t thank every single person who was involved or worked or performed or just bought a ticket and were happy to be there, but if I could I would. I hope we’re all friends now, because that was the BEST PARTY EVER!!

Declaring it isn’t bragging, because I spent 5 months booking, organizing and promoting that day and in the end I got everything I wanted. So I win, and everyone wins! Hooray for all of us. I know it’s impossible to fathom, but someday, I will throw an even bigger, funner, more mind-blowing party at 159 Manning! There will also be many smaller and cheaper or free ones in between now and then. Some of them at 159 Manning, and some of them at other venues. They can’t all be the-biggest-party-I’ve-ever-thrown, and they can’t all be at my house. The small events always lead up to and shape the big event.

I went to see Sloan at the Mod Club last night. They played for 2 hours, were awesome, and then we drank beers on their tour bus. I could have sworn it was Choir!Choir!Choir! practice, but I only remember singing Filler by Minor Threat with Gregory.

159 Manning BBQ schedule:

June 16, 2011

THIS IS HAPPENING TOMORROW!!! FRIDAY!!! There’s still 100 tickets left that’ll be available at the door on a first come, first serve basis. There’s still 20 tickets left at Rotate, and Soundscapes might have a few left too. Doors open just past noon at 12:30. BBQ is over at 11pm sharp.

Backyard Stage:
1:00 – Ladies of the Canyon
3:00 – Fields of Fur
5:00 – Julie Fader
6:00 – Choir!Choir!Choir!
7:00 – Buck 65
8:45 – Choir!Choir!Choir!
10:15 – Burning Love

DJ sets in between bands in the backyard by OMGBLOG.COM and Scott Cudmore. Brendan Canning might come by to play some reggae records mid-afternoon after his massage appointment.

Living Room Stage:
2:00 Neon Windbreaker
4:00 No Gold
6:20 Ell V Gore
8:00 Biblical
9:15 the Vandelles

Basement Stage:
3:30 Rich Aucoin
4:30 the Third Mind
9:45 the Mintz Darby Kickdrum

David Balzer is reading before Ladies of the Canyon and the Vandelles
Kate Carraway reads before Neon Windbreaker and Fields of Fur
Chris Randle reads before the choir sets
Chandler Levack will read later in the afternoon, once she’s drunk


This little piggy should be ready by 1pm today when Ladies of The Canyon play…

Oh, and if it rains, we’ve got tarps and tents. Nothing is going to stop this BBQ short of a tornado or earthquake!

Letters To The Editor

June 15, 2011

This message I got in my youtube mailbox this morning made my day;

Hey Tim,

This is Deb – the mom of the singer/guitar player in Food Fight. First of all thanks for posting that video! I left my camera at home so I am thrilled to see that.

The other thing is – “Emperor of 159 Manning” – so I take it you live there? I only ask because “back in the day” I used to live there with a few folks. Our landlord was Tony Costa and we were the first renters. The strange thing is, that one of my former roomies Nell Casson posted a thing about your BBQ on my facebook last week which I in turn shared with some other roomies/friends who lived there. We were all shocked that it seemed to stay in the music/indie scene as it were.

Sorry for the rambling note – it just seems like time and universes are collapsing on each other. When I watched the Food Fight video today the next in the youtube queue was air drumming from 159 Manning – so I went on a bit of an exploratory journey – found your wordpress thing and am throughly wowed.

FYI – we lived at 159 Manning from 1993-1996 I think? During our time the bands Mule and The Cows were among the folks to crash there. My best pal Brooke and I used to promote shows (mainly at Sneaky Dees) and were also zine folk (we did one called Corpus that was quite popular – even Sassy Zine of the month) and wrote for !*@#. Okay – you are likely dozing off at this point.

I’ve never sent a youtube message before – hopefully you get this? If yes can you shoot a reply?




Maybe I should add Food Fight to the bill on Friday afternoon? I know some people from Choir!Choir!Choir! are bringing their kids…

Do You Remember?

June 14, 2011

Here’s the revised poster for the party!! I’ve decided to add a basement stage, bringing it to a total of 3 stages since it’s the 3rd year I’ve done the BBQ. Soooooo many of my “favorites” have their names on this poster.

I wrote this hilarious new song today.

Here’s the hilarious totally ficticious lyrics:

Do you remember when I lost my mind?
I’ll bet you do, because I totally do
It’s because I had a roommate smoking heroin
He was sniffing cocaine at noon

I say fuck that guy, fuck that guy
I hope he shoots a speedball like Belushi and dies
I said fuck that guy, fuck that guy
I’ll always hate his guts, and I think it’s justified

Do you remember when I lost control?
I hope you know, I hope you know
Didn’t know who I could turn to
Without paying them off
I guess that’s the way it goes

I miss my friends, I miss my friends
I don’t know where all we’re headed, or what to do next
I miss my friends, I miss my old friends
I don’t know how to get through to any of them.

Ohh-ho-ho-ho-hee-hee-hee!!! I don’t know how I come up with these silly things.

Speaking of remembering, a couple years ago James Mejia asked me to take photos at a Hand Drawn Dracula showcase, and I didn’t get any pictures of By Divine Right that night, and on Sunday night I finally got my chance at a Girls Rock Camp Fundraiser! It’s about time!

A band of 3 11-year-old girls, called Food Fight! played too, and they were…AWESOME!!! I shot this video of them playing their song Haunted House.