159 Manning BBQ 2011 – Official Announcement

Timothy Alexander McCready, Hand Drawn Dracula, and Eric Ervin Presents! Present: the 159 Manning BBQ 2011 on Friday June 17th, from 1pm to 11pm!
Special thanks/shout-out to MOOG Audio and the Musebox for their continual support of the 159 Manning parties.

Listen to the 159 Manning BBQ 2011 Theme Song! I’m so proud of it:

I’m designing tickets this afternoon they’ll be available by the end of this week. The plan is to sell 100 of them at Rotate (starting this Friday, June 3rd), and the rest I’ll sell from my living room or when I’m working at Parts & Labour. Email party@timmccready.tv to reserve a ticket.

THE BBQ IS ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY. NO WALK UPS. TICKETS ARE $30. That’s cheaper than a half gram of cocaine, and it’s better for you. I don’t want to hear any complaints about ticket price. Click here to buy on paypal.

There will be 300 veggie burgers, and 2x 50lb pigs on a spit. The pigs won’t be ready until around 5pm, but veggie burgers will be grilling from the beginning of the afternoon. Food is free to all attendees, all day, as long as it lasts. Last year I did 300 meat burgers, and 100 veggie burgers and the food ran out at 10:30pm so I expect we’ll have enough food. Thanks to Nick Chen-Yin at Breadwinner for making the pig-roast happen!

I’m still working on a beer sponsor, but expecting to sell beers for $3. Cheap enough that it’s cheap, but enough of a deterrent to regulate people’s alcohol intake throughout the day.

Scott Cudmore and DJ OMGBLOG will be playing music in the backyard in between bands. This picture is of Gabe Knox djing at the BBQ last year.

I’ve made a rental agreement with my neighbor for her to let me combine both of our yards for the BBQ. I’m paying her $$. This is the view of our backyards from the window of my photo studio.

This is my photo studio. You may recognize it as the room where the Harp Twins played on NYE. This time it’ll be used as a gallery for the artwork of Allison and Lauren Knight.

I saw a show of Joe Coleman’s work in Paris a few years ago, and it’s amazing to look up close at the details of his work, in person. That’s what looking at Allison and Lauren’s work is like. You stick your nose in it and say “Holy shit that’s colored pencil?!?!” All their work that we’re planning to display at the BBQ is from private collections, and is not for sale. The artists will be in attendance that day.

WRITERS READING: We’re still sorting out exactly what we’re doing, but there will be some short readings throughout the day by Kate Carraway, Chandler Levack, David Balzer, and Chris Randle. Shutup and listen to them when they’re reading, or they’ll write shitty things about you. The pen is mightier than the sword.

FINALLY, here’s the band lineup. Set times are approximate.

1pm Ladies of the Canyon – outdoor – We’re starting the BBQ early just so they can play. They have another festival gig in Burlington at 7pm with an early load in. This is special incentive for everyone to show up on time that day.

2pm the Third Mind – indoor – the 159 Manning house band featuring me, Nyles, Nick and Mailman.

3pm Fields of Fur -outdoor – This is Brian Borcherdt’s third year playing the 159 Manning BBQ! Holy Fuck has a show in Ireland the next night so he’s leaving a couple of hours after he plays.

4pm No Gold of Unfamiliar/You Look Death.ly Records – indoor – These guys are from Vancouver, James Mejia hooked this up. I’ve never seen them live, but I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews…

5pm Choir!Choir!Choir! outdoor – I sing in this choir, led by Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman. Flat out, we’re amazing and I’m excited to have us sing!!

5:30pm – TBA outdoor – Still confirming one act…

6pm – Ell V Gore indoor – they have been on a ton of great bills lately (107 Shaw Closing party, Pierced Arrow, Toronto Thaw etc…) so why not here? Repping young Toronto.

7pm – Buck 65 outdoor – Ron Sexsmith once told me a joke “What do you eat if you go over for dinner at Buck 65’s house? A Rich Stirfry!” Ahahahaha… I’ve been listening to all 3 installments of Dirtbike this week, which you can download for free here. I feel like it’s a huge coup/market jump to have an artist with the history/integrity/success of Buck 65 play the BBQ (yes, a house party) this year. I’ve very proud to get to rub shoulders with someone like him…

Marnie Herald will be singing with him.

8pm – Summerdream – indoor – Summerdream are a new band, they’re really good. *wink*wink* I don’t have any footage of them to post, so watch this video from the first BBQ instead. A lot can happen in 2 years… …just cancelled 5 minutes ago. BUT, I’ve just spent 4 hours writing this blog post so I don’t care, I’m posting as is.

8:45 – Choir!Choir!Choir! (2nd set) outdoor – We’re singing 2 sets of 4 songs. This will be the 2nd set.

9 pm – Biblical – indoor – Deep Metal roots, deep Toronto roots… I saw Nick Sewell at Unlovable a couple of months ago and mentioned I was starting to book the BBQ. Nick said he’d never been to my place before but he was going to try and come this year and without any hesitation I looked him in the eye and said “YOU SHOULD PLAY!!” and he said “Yes”.

10pm – Burning Love – outdoor – Deep hardcore roots, deep Hamilton roots… So angry, so positive, seething with life!! Seeing Burning Love live is devastating and undeniable in it’s power. This is a good way to send everyone off…

11pm BBQ is SHUT DOWN – I’ve never had the cops shut down one of my parties, and I’ve never gotten a noise complaint, and it’s not happening this time either, so the BBQ is 100% shut-down and over at 11pm.

4 Responses to “159 Manning BBQ 2011 – Official Announcement”

  1. Roy Says:

    This is going to rule! And Burning Love? Awesome!

  2. Steve Rock Says:

    Great Lineup Tim. I think this could be the party of the summer

  3. Nella Says:

    Nice! Trying to swing getting here for this. I lived at159 manning for 4 years.

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