Eric Ervin Presents!

I still have sooo much to do for the BBQ, but it’s coming together. I’m very excited/nervous. Eric Ervin Presents has stepped in as a sponsor! Thanks to Nadine at the Musebox for introducing us. Nadine, you have really come through for me for my BBQ 3 years in a row now. Thankyou.

I’ve also got Carlsberg as a sponsor! Thanks to Mark Morrissette AKA Octoberman for introducing me to them.

Listen to Mark Morrissette covering Sloan.

Portrait 42: I spent the afternoon today hanging out with Noah Mintz in Kensington Market. He advised me on setting up a paypal option for buying tickets to the BBQ and he’s my first paypal customer! Thanks pal! Click here to buy a ticket through paypal.

Portrait 40: Swimms and I have known each other for 5 years now! We spent the summer of 2006 in a van throwing 45 “VICE Parties” around Ontario sponsored by Solo Mobile in the span of 100 nights, and now we both work at Parts & Labour. His band Teenanger are playing a free show at Kops Records during my BBQ with Cults, Young Governor and Actual Water. I’ll admit that’s a great line-up! I’ll also admit I’m sort of sad and depressed that they didn’t say “No way we’re playing that show, we’re going to hang out at Tim’s amazing BBQ all day!” because Teenanger could play at a record store any day of the year and it would be an “event”, and lots of people would go, because they’re a popular band. We were all part of a larger crew when they started the band, which was the same time/era I started putting a lot of work into this blog (stopped doing text-only posts, posting all original photos and videos, and writing about all my friends and acquaintances like they’re celebrities) and throwing my NYE parties, and it feels like they’re the last remnants of that crew from 2006 who are still part of my life, because I’ve told just about everyone else to fuck off and get away from me (or in a few cases we’ve just grown apart). Even though we don’t hang out that often anymore, the members of Teenanger are all super important people to me in my mind and heart. The BBQ is a super important day/event for me, so I hoped they’d still be excited/into it too, but I guess life isn’t all about me me me, and I know their show at Kops will be fun. I mean, it won’t be anywhere near as fun as my BBQ, but it’s FREEEEEEE and that’s where a lot of the cool kids who were at my party last year will be that day.

What can I say? The target demographic for my parties here at 159 Manning is changing. It’ll still be a lot of weird guys and pretty girls, + pretty guys and weird girls, but I expect I’ll see less 21-year-olds and drug addicts, more cool-moms-and-dads and creative professionals in their 30’s and 40’s. Don’t get me wrong, the 21-year-olds are still more than welcome if they can afford the ticket price. Who doesn’t like fresh meat? Anyone who buys a ticket is welcome as long as they behave themselves. “Behave” is a relative term. Anywaysss it seems like there’s a lot more day parties during NXNE this year and I think that’s awesome because it helps make Toronto a more interesting city to live in. For example, I’m doing sound/production for the M for Montreal/Brooklyn Vegan Boat Cruise the next day. It’s also free, and has a killer lineup! Mikey Rishwain Bernard, from M for Montreal was going to have the cruise on Friday, but rescheduled it to Saturday just so he could come to my BBQ. Awwww, thanks Mikey! xoxoxox

Portrait 41: Sarah Townson. I like taking pictures of pretty girls, even when they’re hungover.

The Vandelles from NYC have been added to the BBQ line-up.

Thanks to Pink Mafia for recommending the BBQ as a NXNE “best-bet” (not that my party has anything to do with NXNE). Much appreciated. xo

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