159 Manning BBQ Theme Song (w/ lyrics)

Mike Max bought 2 tickets to the BBQ! He’s stoked!

I’m pretty sure Jackie Katz can’t make it, but she stopped in on Friday morning for a portrait.

I wrote and recorded a theme song for this years BBQ to let everyone know how excited I am about next Friday.

Here’s the lyrics:

Come to my BBQ,
It’s the best thing that you could do,
In Toronto on a Friday afternoon
On the 17th of June

$30 might seem like a lot
but did you read the invite or it give any thought
to the pigs? (Nick Chen Yin and his friend Jon who happens to be a chef at C5, the restaurant at the ROM are spitroasting the pigs, and separately I’m doing veggie burgers)

I’ve booked Buck 65 with Marnie Herald
Biblical and Burning Love
El V Gore, No Gold and Julie Fader,
Ladies of the Canyon and Neon Windbreaker

Eric Ervin Presents!…the Vandelles from New York City
A 60 person Choir, led by Nobu and Daveed
Carraway, Balzer, Randle and Levack are going to read
Allison and Lauren’s first solo art show ever.

And 2 of Toronto’s best DJ’s; (Oh-My-God-Blog-Dot-Com)/OMGBLOG.COM and Scott Cudmore

ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY (Available at Rotate, Soundscapes, and MOOG Audio)

I’m so stupid, I flubbed Chris Randle’s name, and I didn’t mention Fields Of Fur, who are playing for the 3rd year in a row. I promise I’m not taking Brian for granted. He pushed his flight to Ireland back a full day just so he could play the BBQ, so total dick-move on my part for not giving him the shout-out he’s due.

If you’ve never seen it before, he’s the video I made from the first 159 Manning BBQ in 2009:

It keeps getting bigger and bigger each year.

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