Letters To The Editor

This message I got in my youtube mailbox this morning made my day;

Hey Tim,

This is Deb – the mom of the singer/guitar player in Food Fight. First of all thanks for posting that video! I left my camera at home so I am thrilled to see that.

The other thing is – “Emperor of 159 Manning” – so I take it you live there? I only ask because “back in the day” I used to live there with a few folks. Our landlord was Tony Costa and we were the first renters. The strange thing is, that one of my former roomies Nell Casson posted a thing about your BBQ on my facebook last week which I in turn shared with some other roomies/friends who lived there. We were all shocked that it seemed to stay in the music/indie scene as it were.

Sorry for the rambling note – it just seems like time and universes are collapsing on each other. When I watched the Food Fight video today the next in the youtube queue was air drumming from 159 Manning – so I went on a bit of an exploratory journey – found your wordpress thing and am throughly wowed.

FYI – we lived at 159 Manning from 1993-1996 I think? During our time the bands Mule and The Cows were among the folks to crash there. My best pal Brooke and I used to promote shows (mainly at Sneaky Dees) and were also zine folk (we did one called Corpus that was quite popular – even Sassy Zine of the month) and wrote for !*@#. Okay – you are likely dozing off at this point.

I’ve never sent a youtube message before – hopefully you get this? If yes can you shoot a reply?




Maybe I should add Food Fight to the bill on Friday afternoon? I know some people from Choir!Choir!Choir! are bringing their kids…

One Response to “Letters To The Editor”

  1. ianclary Says:

    I know a guy named Tony Costa.

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