159 Manning BBQ schedule:

THIS IS HAPPENING TOMORROW!!! FRIDAY!!! There’s still 100 tickets left that’ll be available at the door on a first come, first serve basis. There’s still 20 tickets left at Rotate, and Soundscapes might have a few left too. Doors open just past noon at 12:30. BBQ is over at 11pm sharp.

Backyard Stage:
1:00 – Ladies of the Canyon
3:00 – Fields of Fur
5:00 – Julie Fader
6:00 – Choir!Choir!Choir!
7:00 – Buck 65
8:45 – Choir!Choir!Choir!
10:15 – Burning Love

DJ sets in between bands in the backyard by OMGBLOG.COM and Scott Cudmore. Brendan Canning might come by to play some reggae records mid-afternoon after his massage appointment.

Living Room Stage:
2:00 Neon Windbreaker
4:00 No Gold
6:20 Ell V Gore
8:00 Biblical
9:15 the Vandelles

Basement Stage:
3:30 Rich Aucoin
4:30 the Third Mind
9:45 the Mintz Darby Kickdrum

David Balzer is reading before Ladies of the Canyon and the Vandelles
Kate Carraway reads before Neon Windbreaker and Fields of Fur
Chris Randle reads before the choir sets
Chandler Levack will read later in the afternoon, once she’s drunk


This little piggy should be ready by 1pm today when Ladies of The Canyon play…

Oh, and if it rains, we’ve got tarps and tents. Nothing is going to stop this BBQ short of a tornado or earthquake!

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