Sarah Townson’s 159 Manning BBQ Pics

I am still recovering from the BBQ; cleaning up the house, collecting money, sending invoices, paying invoices, following up with people etc… but it was hands down the best party we’ve ever thrown here at 159 Manning. Everything about the entire day was amazing, but my 5 highlights were Buck 65 in the backyard, Rich Aucoin in the basement, Biblical in the living room, the potato salad and the mustaches Choir!Choir!Choir! made in my honor. It was worth all the stress I went through to co-ordinate 11 hours of 100% amazing-ness, and I’m glad so many people came to share it with me. There was a great article on about the party!

I’m still going through my pics and video from Friday, so in the meantime here’s 8 pics Sarah Townson sent me:

I would also like to give special shout-outs to Nick Chen-Yin and Jon Pong for the amazing amazing food and working all day long, my dad, Marissa Janes, Emily Patterson, Mike Nelson, Nick and Nyles for all their extra hard work during the party. I can’t thank every single person who was involved or worked or performed or just bought a ticket and were happy to be there, but if I could I would. I hope we’re all friends now, because that was the BEST PARTY EVER!!

Declaring it isn’t bragging, because I spent 5 months booking, organizing and promoting that day and in the end I got everything I wanted. So I win, and everyone wins! Hooray for all of us. I know it’s impossible to fathom, but someday, I will throw an even bigger, funner, more mind-blowing party at 159 Manning! There will also be many smaller and cheaper or free ones in between now and then. Some of them at 159 Manning, and some of them at other venues. They can’t all be the-biggest-party-I’ve-ever-thrown, and they can’t all be at my house. The small events always lead up to and shape the big event.

I went to see Sloan at the Mod Club last night. They played for 2 hours, were awesome, and then we drank beers on their tour bus. I could have sworn it was Choir!Choir!Choir! practice, but I only remember singing Filler by Minor Threat with Gregory.

3 Responses to “Sarah Townson’s 159 Manning BBQ Pics”

  1. Townerson Says:

    Please note the huge hole in the bushes where I fell. Goodnight everybody!

  2. Nicholas A. Chen-Yin Says:

    Thanks for the props Sarah. That potato salad was all Jon Pong though. I think I wanted to sleep with him after I tasted it.

  3. Roy Says:

    Glad it was such a good event!

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