Last Gang In Town

I went out to Listowel ON with Sloan on Saturday as one of their stage techs. It was super fun. I love working with/for Sloan! I brought my camera, because that’s what I do; I take pictures and write funny “irreverant” captions. har-har-har…


The girl on the left is the summer intern at the local radio station and she introduced the band to the audience (check 2 pictures ahead in this photo series). Ryan is Sloans Chief Audio Engineer, Grand-Dragon Guitar Tech and Live Production Master Supervisor.

Mike is smiling because he’s generally a happy guy. Chris is smiling at me because we’re buds. Andrew is focusing his mind to ready himself to play for 2 hours.

There she is, on stage introducing the band (check 2 pictures ago in the series).

The crowd is hypnotized. They can’t believe it’s happening!!

Andrews arms are ripped. I’ll bet he could tear someone apart with his bare hands, while keeping a straight face, without his pulse-rate increasing.

The guy with the hat and no front teeth was really into it. I’m really into him being really into it.

Sometimes Chris gets hand cramps from all the autographs he has to sign. It’s a tough job, but he does it with a smile. He refuses to disappoint the fans!

“Ladies! Ladies! One at a time! Please…”

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