Let’s Try This Again…

I cleaned my room yesterday and did 4 loads of laundry!! It smells so clean!

After 4 of months of having only 2 roommates, I’ve decided to rent out my photo studio (the master bedroom) again starting Sept 1st. It’s a 12’x12′ room with 10 foot high ceilings, a large window facing east overlooking the backyard, and a closet. The floors were recently refinished and the walls painted white. $650 + 1/4 of utilities. This is what the room looks like right NOW:

There’s laundry in the basement, and my other 2 roommates are in Ladies of the Canyon, so they are often away on tour for stretches of weeks or months (and are lovely people when they are around); so chances are it’ll just be you and me most of the time. I am the superintendent/maintenance guy, but I’m not your maid/butler/slave/personal servant. I’m very proud of the house and how I’ve put it together, so I’ll expect you to do your part in keeping the place clean, organized and tidy. I’ve furnished the entire place myself, and I refinished the floors and painted the interior by the sweat of my brow, at my own expense. This is what the dining room/living room looks like.

I’d prefer someone who is:
-over 25-years-old (or maybe over 30?!!)
-female (this is negotiable)
-educated (also negotiable)
-employed and/or somehow mentally-engaged full-time AKA a productive member of society
-kind, reasonable and relatively happy with who they are

Do NOT apply for the room if you:
-have pets (I have a very pleasant cat named Maako but he doesn’t like having other animals around)
-are a drug addict or drug dealer
-are a hipster douchebag
-are a lazy sack-of-shit loser with piece-of-shit loser friends
-are a generally fucked-up or depressed person with intense social/emotional problems. 🙂
None of those 5 points are negotiable, because if any of the last 4 points describe you, I don’t want you to be part of my daily life. That’s how it is. The pet thing was Maako’s call.

This is the kitchen. It’s the one room I haven’t completed refinishing the floors but it’s almost there. We have a dishwasher. Call me at 416.523.7223 or email me tim@timmccready.tv to set up an appointment to see the room/house.


4 Responses to “Let’s Try This Again…”

  1. T.D Says:

    aren’t you a hipster douchebag though? like the biggest in the city

  2. brooke Says:

    Did you find a roomie?

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