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August 15, 2011

Some friends and I went to a Stella Artois party in a parking lot on King Street on Saturday night. We sat on blankets on the ground and ate free poutine. The cheese curds were squeaky, just the way I like them. All 4 of us crammed into the free photo-booth right before they shut down the party at midnight.

I did some stage-tech work for another Sloan show a couple of weekends ago at Echo Beach. They covered Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins and had Nyssa from Modern Superstitions sing it with them, in front of 5000 people!!! I shot this video of the performance!!

I start a new full-time job at the CBC next Monday, as the Audience Coordinator/Program Assistant on Strombo’s show! It seems like a great crew of people who work on the show, and George tends to interview interesting and popular guests that I actually give a fuck about. Anyone from Hollywood celebrities like Woody Harrelson or Jodie Foster to cultural heros of mine like Tom Green, Larry Flynt or Robbie Robertson and beyond. Shooting almost 200 episodes per season, there a wide range of guests who’ll be featured on the show, but my point is I’m pretty excited! I’m tempted to say I lucked out, but honestly… I think I deserve the job. So there. Hoorayyyy!!!