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Children In Heat – Hybrid Moments

September 12, 2011

There’s rumors of a Children In Heat show at Parts & Labour on Devil’s night. Me, Warren, Greg and Cam.

Any requests?

George’s interview with David Cronenberg was my personal favorite today.

The Last Breakfast

September 7, 2011

Nick Bechard has officially left not just 159 Manning; not just Toronto; not just Ontario…he’s left Canada and moved to Berlin. He and I went for one last breakfast (with Mailman) at the Bellwoods Cafe at 8am this morning, the same place Nick and I went for breakfast the morning after the job interview that brought me to Toronto. He suggested that’s where we go for our last breakfast as room-mates, and I’d been thinking of the same place, so I believe it was a fitting send-off between us.

In honor of today, I present to you, our Grade 11 video class mid-term project from 1995, starring me, Nick and Brandon Greene.

Parts & Labouring On Labour Day

September 6, 2011

A small group of us were in the office yesterday prepping for the new season, and TIFF madness. Did I already mention we’re taping for 9 consecutive days starting this Thursday?! Sign up for free tickets to be in our studio audience at and visit us at the CBC building at Front and John this week (or next week). Please? I have to organize 18 separate audiences over those 9 days and I’ll be pretty embarrassed if theres only 10 people there for Seth Rogan’s interview, and then I’ll get fired and be humiliated, and it’ll be all your fault (ok, I won’t really be fired, I’m just trying to motivate you)!! So come out, and everything will be A-O-K. Thanks!!! George is going to be interviewing 423423423 hugely famous Hollywood actors and directors (and 1 Head-of-State), and this is your chance to get close to them (but don’t get TOO close, or I’ll have to put you in a chokehold).

I left the office around 4pm and went over to Parts & Labour to build a stage in the Shop.

Mark Pesci has been asking me to build a stage for the past couple of months and I promised it’d be ready for the Vivian Girls show on Friday Sept 16th, and I knew today would be my last chance before then to get it finished so here it is.


There’s only a 1-inch clearance above my head when I stand up straight, so if you play there and you’re taller than me, you’ll have to squat. I’m planning on adding a closed-circuit video feed from the stage to the back of the room where the table hockey thing is soon too.

I might have to miss Choir!Choir!Choir! practice tonight depending on how late I’m working, but check out this article about C!C!C! that was in the Globe And Mail this past weekend. And check out this video I shot at choir practice on August 16th, the same night the Globe and Mail people were there.

Clean Shave

September 4, 2011

I already posted this on facebook, but in case you’re not FB friends with me, I shaved off my beard and mustache. If this guy says hi to you on the street, it’s me!

I went around to a bunch of stores along Queen West and in Kensington yesterday and today, handing out free tickets to the George Stroumboulopoulos Show because we start taping THIS Thursday, Sept 8th for 9 consecutive days through TIFF with morning AND afternoon sessions and I want to hit the ground running with a big in-studio audience the first day. “Tickets” are always free but it’s limited capacity and we don’t want to turn anyone away at the door, so you should either reserve tickets at or email me at and I will send you a confirmation or tell you what guests are coming up or whatever. Or if you’re friends with me just get in touch with me how you normally would and I’ll hook you upppp.

I’ll be celebrating the success of our TIFF tapings by doing my first live solo performance at Taraleigh Wallace’s garage party on Saturday September 17th. I’ll be singing 5 songs, a capella, from R Kelly’s 2007 masterpiece, Double Up (no, I’m not joking). No, I’m not singing “Ignition”. That song is from his 2003 album “Chocolate Factory”, which I do not give a flying fuck about. I only care about Double Up and his album “12 Play: Fourth Quarter” which was leaked onto the internet but never commercially released (which is a shame if you ask me).

Anywaysss, I’m the opening act, and the other bands that night are the BBGuns, Patticake, and one of my current favorite live bands in Toronto; the Get Nuns!

Finally, I’m shooting, directing, writing and editing a short film with Mark Sultan, starring Mark Sultan, featuring 5 songs from his 2 new soon-to-be-released albums “Whatever I Want” and “Whenever I Want”. The working title for the short is “Where Ever I Want”. Here’s a few stills from our pre-production footage.

I envision it being like the Cremaster Cycle, but shorter and funnier. If you’re not hated by either Mark or I (yet), and you’re interested in acting in the movie, get in touch. There’s no script; you just have to do what we tell you to. We’d love to have you work with us!