Clean Shave

I already posted this on facebook, but in case you’re not FB friends with me, I shaved off my beard and mustache. If this guy says hi to you on the street, it’s me!

I went around to a bunch of stores along Queen West and in Kensington yesterday and today, handing out free tickets to the George Stroumboulopoulos Show because we start taping THIS Thursday, Sept 8th for 9 consecutive days through TIFF with morning AND afternoon sessions and I want to hit the ground running with a big in-studio audience the first day. “Tickets” are always free but it’s limited capacity and we don’t want to turn anyone away at the door, so you should either reserve tickets at or email me at and I will send you a confirmation or tell you what guests are coming up or whatever. Or if you’re friends with me just get in touch with me how you normally would and I’ll hook you upppp.

I’ll be celebrating the success of our TIFF tapings by doing my first live solo performance at Taraleigh Wallace’s garage party on Saturday September 17th. I’ll be singing 5 songs, a capella, from R Kelly’s 2007 masterpiece, Double Up (no, I’m not joking). No, I’m not singing “Ignition”. That song is from his 2003 album “Chocolate Factory”, which I do not give a flying fuck about. I only care about Double Up and his album “12 Play: Fourth Quarter” which was leaked onto the internet but never commercially released (which is a shame if you ask me).

Anywaysss, I’m the opening act, and the other bands that night are the BBGuns, Patticake, and one of my current favorite live bands in Toronto; the Get Nuns!

Finally, I’m shooting, directing, writing and editing a short film with Mark Sultan, starring Mark Sultan, featuring 5 songs from his 2 new soon-to-be-released albums “Whatever I Want” and “Whenever I Want”. The working title for the short is “Where Ever I Want”. Here’s a few stills from our pre-production footage.

I envision it being like the Cremaster Cycle, but shorter and funnier. If you’re not hated by either Mark or I (yet), and you’re interested in acting in the movie, get in touch. There’s no script; you just have to do what we tell you to. We’d love to have you work with us!

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