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Devils Night 2011

October 23, 2011

I made this poster for a show exactly 1 week from now on Devils’ Night, Sunday Oct 30th 2011 at Parts & Labour. It’ll be a fun, evil themed night! I’m very excited about seeing the Wizard of Rock perform again. You have no idea. I’m envisioning City Club, Detroit, circa 2001 (which had a “no cameras” rule).

George was promoting the screening of a secret movie at the TIFF Bell Lightbox on Tuesday Oct 18th through his various channels (the TV show, twitter,, and I’m assuming his radio show too?) but couldn’t tell anyone who directed or wrote the movie, who was in it, what it’s called, or anything other than it’s good and it’s the first public screening of the movie anywhere in the world. 34235564685678562 people showed up.

The movie was Young Adult written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman, who were both there at the screening, and stars Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt. I was sold right at the beginning when Charlize popped a cassette into the tape-deck in her car and Teenage Fanclub – the Concept came on. I can still remember seeing Teenage Fanclub on Saturday Night Live (on TV, I wasn’t there) when I was in grade 9, and it making quite an impression on me.

I went to Adele’s on Tuesday night to look at a wall she wants me to tear out of her apartment and then we had an emo dance party. I love djing an emo night (Met You On Livejournal) because 90% of the people who still listen to late 90’s/early 2000’s emo are girls.

Rat Salad, the Black Sabbath cover band I’m playing drums in with Gregory MacDonald, Ryan Haslett and Dustin Hawthorn had our first jam on Thursday night.

Our practice method is 1. play a song once 2. bullshit and drink beer for 20 minutes 3. repeat. I’ve been talking to Sharron Osborne about headlining the 2nd stage for the Canadian dates of Ozzfest summer 2012, but it would conflict with Sloan’s touring schedule so we have to have to turn it down. (BTW, Cancer Bats have been working on a rival Black Sabbath covers set too, and they’re having a show at P&L in November)

Emily took me for dinner at the Swan, and new roommate Dafne made me some GG Allin and R Kelly masks for my birthday! I turned 33.

Taraleigh got me this Rex Chainsaw record (featuring Dee Dee Ramone) for my birthday, and I bought myself this GG King 7″.

I took this picture of George in the darkened studio during a transitional moment of the show taping earlier this week. John Giorno is a guest on the show November 2nd. There are still seats available!

I stayed in and watched movies for 10 hours straight last night, including “Joe” for the first time and hoooolyyyy shiiiittttt… I would recommend seeing it without reading anything about it or watching the trailer first, to keep the plot twists and surprises at maximum effect, but since I know you won’t ever watch the movie, just watch the trailer….

It’s set in late 60’s NYC and is darker, and crazier than Taxi Driver.

Epic Canadian Thanksgiving 2011 Post

October 10, 2011

I went to see Feist on Saturday night at Glenn Gould studio. It was my first time inside GGS, and my first time seeing her perform.

Nicole and I went backstage after the show. I hadn’t seen or talked to Leslie since shape-note singing at Bloor Street United last December. I was a little nervous and wasn’t sure if she’d recognize me without my beard, but she did! I mean, she pretended it took her 3 seconds to remember me; and I pretended my eyeballs weren’t turning into little cartoon hearts for her…

Children In Heat are confirmed to play the first night of Death To T.O. at the Silver Dollar on Friday October 28th at 1:30am. It is destined to be an amazing/memorable weekend (the kind of shit legends are made of) with some of Toronto’s most legit bands paying tribute to their favorite bands of the past: the Leslie Spits perform the Sonics, Mausoleum perform Souxsie & the Banshees, the Soupcans perform Black Flag, Ell V Gore as the Cramps, Teenanger as the Ramones, and of course Children In Heat as the Misfits.

On Devils Night, Sunday Oct 30th, Spookey Ruben and I have put a show together at Parts & Labour featuring Lioness, Spookey, the Wizard Of Rock and me as the opening act singing R Kelly songs a cappella, and acoustic versions of GG Allin, Poison Idea and Teenage Fanclub tunes. Jubal Brown is putting together some horror movie loops to project on the walls, and will be djing in between bands with his friend Ankixa. (Photo of Lioness by Norman Wong)

I challenge you to find a line-up more worthy of Devil’s Night. You won’t, because it can’t be done!

As for catching up on the last month; the Spits played 2 sold-out nights at P&L a few weeks ago and it was as crazy as any show there could possibly be, including puddles of blood on the stage after they’d finished playing.

Angela Holmes and I hosted MYOLJ 3.0 on Thursday September 29th at Crawford. It was super fun but I wish Antonella hadn’t been sick and I wish Tye Thomas/Ryan LaFlamme’s emo cover band could have played but c’est la vie…

On Saturday September 17th I did my first solo performance ever (unless you count my ventriloquism act with Barry Pickles) opening for the Get Nuns and the BB Guns inside Taraleigh Wallace’s garage; singing Double Up and Real Talk by R.Kelly. Here’s some footage from that night:

Other than that, I’ve been spending most of my time booking audiences for Mr. Stroumboulopoulos and taking backstage pictures.

It’s a lot of work, but I love it. I think it’s a great show, George busts his ass working all the time, and there’s a smart/motivated staff behind it all! After spending my days the past 2 years pursuing independent projects (which I’d wanted to do, and was great for awhile) it is such a relief to be at the CBC and be part of a team that has a structure to work within, to NOT feel like it’s up to me to convince or inspire anyone else to get work done. There’s nowhere else and nobody else I’d rather be working with right now; so I’m thankful for that.


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