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Take Care

November 20, 2011

I have officially decided to NOT throw a New Years Eve party at 159 Manning this year. There’s a number of reasons for this, including that I think it’s wiser to keep putting my energy into my day-job at the GS Tonight show rather than drive myself crazy organizing and executing a party here, and I really really don’t want to clean up from it this time around. Look how tidy the house is these days:

Those plants on them tables are all real!

Funny how the 2008/09 party seemed sooo crazy at the time, but was a fraction of the spectacle that was last years 2010/11 party.

Instead of staying in the city, I’ve invited myself to tag along with Sloan as the official photographer for their NYE show in their hometown, Halifax! Seems like a suitable alternative to throwing the best house party in Toronto that night, right?

Current roomies:

I’ve been listening to this Drake track over and over all day today.