NYE 2012: White Magick!**

We had the 159 Manning NYE party on Dec 30th this year, instead of actual NYE; Saturday Dec 31st. There were only 7 of us here, unless you count Anna, who came home from Saskatchewan at 3am. Then it was 8 people.

I was supposed to fly out to Halifax at 3:45pm on Friday Dec 30th (I even had my own hotel room at the Delta Barrington that night), but my plane was grounded due to heavy fog until the next morning, so I got drunk at home with the girls.

After midnight, we went to Cold Tea and danced to hip-hop. Dragan, Nick and Johnny met up with us, and we went back to 159 Manning after last call.

Dragan and I have a long history of NYE’s together, starting in Detroit 2004/05; 3 weeks after we met/the week before I moved here.

I can’t decide whether to title this one “Straight Outta Windsor” or “Crew Love”.

ACTUAL actual NYE (Saturday, Dec 31st), I was tearing it up backstage with Sloan before their show at the Halifax Casino! I didn’t get there until everything was set up, but the band had done an hour and a half sound-check, and had 2X (solid) 2 hour shows ahead of them that night. Andrew was sick, and STILL played drums like a fucking champion for 5 and a half hours that night!!

The audience was seated for the 7pm to 9pm show. It’s funny how there can be 7000 people in a room and you can’t see any of them from the stage.

There were 10,000 people there for the 11pm to 1am show, there were no chairs, and the crowd went ape-shit the entire time!!

“I had a terrible nightmare; that we played a really long soundcheck earlier, and your parents were all here, and they were sitting down… Ahh, nevermind!”

Speaking of Andrew, I spent an entire song watching a gigantic vein twitch at the base of his neck as he sang higher notes. The vein disappeared when he was singing lower and mid-range notes.

Chris Murphy: Stage Banter Ninja! I want to hear more people heckle him so he can DESTROY THEM!! In a good, positive way. Sloan aren’t the type of band who’d attract terrible people/fans; they’re too “White Magick**”, which is one of the things I like about hanging out with them.

I read Burning Chrome by William Gibson for the first time this weekend, and I fucking loved it! I’m going to try to finish reading Neuromancer (pronounced “New-Romancer”) before Gibson is on the Strombo show next Thursday, January 12th. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE FREE TICKETS!! Full Disclosure: I’m the guy responsible for filling the audience; so I’m the guy who’ll answer your reservation request; so I have a vested interest in you clicking on that link.

**As opposed to “Black Magick”.

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  1. A Brief History of New Years Eve @ 159 Manning « Timothy Alexander McCready Says:

    […] Fast forward to Dec 2011, I was working at the CBC on the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show as his Audience Coordinator and backstage photographer. I was also doing sound at Parts & Labour a few nights a week, and doing a couple other side gigs per month, so I was very busy + I had not yet fully recovered emotionally or financially from the wreckage my life had become earlier in the year, so I thought it would be best to take the year off from the throwing a party. I still wanted to do something really special for NYE, so I asked my new pal Mike Nelson if I could come with him and Sloan out to Halifax to ring in the new year with them. […]

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