Movie Nite

Rich came over to 159 Manning earlier this evening to watch psychedelic movies with Dafne, Nicole and I. The dvd’s were from his collection. He and I seem to have very similar taste in films, and other things.

He asked me if I had any ideas of opening acts for him, for some smaller Ontario dates. I nominated Triple Gangers. They played at Parts & Labour last Friday, and they were really fun and sounded great with just 3 singers and with the guy playing what he describes as a “shitty casio keyboard”. Not an easy sound to make work, but they pull it off! The audio for this video appears to have been recorded with 1 condenser mic in the middle of the room, which in this case really proves they can sing together live.

Tomorrow night is Met You On Livejournal 4.0 at Parts & Labour! It’s also our 1 year anniversary!

Me, Angela Holmes and Antonella Lombardi exclusively djing late 90’s/early 2000’s emo, screamo and pop punk, with a live set at 11pm by Dear Diary!

This is the bands set list for tomorrow:

TEXAS IS THE REASON -Johnny on the Spot
JIMMY EAT WORLD -Your New Aesthetic
KNAPSACK -Separate the Spine
DASHBOARD -Screaming Infidelities
PROMISE RING -Happiness is all the Rage
GET UP KIDS -10 minutes
SEAWEED -Kid Candy

If you’re reading this, and you know what I’m talking about, YOU’RE INVITED!! Doors at 10pm. No Cover. No Crybabies. @ Parts & Labour, 1566 Queen West, Toronto ON Canada

3 Responses to “Movie Nite”

  1. Sar Says:

    A+ on the Rich hangs, the set list, the tomorrow, the whole thing.

  2. Roy Says:

    I really liked Holy Mountain but it’s been a while since I saw it. I’m wondering what it might be like if I got really fucking high. Oh, I also noticed that the band Seven Sisters of Sleep used footage from the film for a video of a song off their new record. Or a fan might have thrown it together:

    • timmccready Says:

      I’d had trouble watching it after the first half hour when I tried watching it a few years ago, but I loved the whole movie last night (and I was totally sober). Watching it on mushrooms would be TERRIFYING. I suggested to Rich (aka Buck 65) that we make a music video for him recreating the scene with Jesus smashing all the plaster replications of himself (1:20 in the Seven Sisters of Sleep video).

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