Budd Cupp 2012

As tradition dictates, I played in the 6th annual Budd Cupp (yes I think there should be 2 p’s) Charity Dodgeball Tournament on Saturday afternoon!

Our team, Dodge Save The Queen, played a total of 7 games yesterday afternoon, 20 minutes each, to beat out 5 other teams and won the championship!!!

In addition to the real Budd Cupp, everyone on our team each won a mini-tropy, and we took turns doing shots of champagne from them to celebrate our victory!

My teammate Raymi The Minx posted a much more detailed account of the day here.

Check out this video I made from Budd Cupp 2008!

UP NEXT: Last months Loving In The Name Of Videos!

2 Responses to “Budd Cupp 2012”

  1. Raymi The Minx » Blog Archive » Rageball Says:

    […] Dodge save the Queen First Place 6th annual Budd Cup Champions! Oi Oi Oi! Thanks Tim! […]

  2. raymi Says:

    It exploded up my nose/face everywhere, the first sip is a doozy.

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