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10 Bands I’ve Played In

March 7, 2012

I’ve compiled a video playlist below of a selection of 10 bands I’ve played with over the years.

1. Wonkavision – Saturday afternoon: Spring 1996 @ my parents basement in Windsor Tim McCready – vocals, Nick Bechard – guitar, Ian Clary – bass, Brandon Blanchette – drums

2. Moral Outrage – Oct 16th 1998 @ Belle River Community Center Shawn Duguay – guitar and vocals, Ian Clary – bass, Tim McCready – drums

Around the time I was playing with Moral Outrage, I spent a year working full-time on an “experimental” solo project called the Man Who Was Thursday. I recorded about 20 songs and self-released a 2-song 7″.

I continued playing drums in the Walkerville Baptist Church “Praise and Worship” Team on Sunday mornings from 1998 until late-2003, and then was inactive from playing in bands until I joined the Bang Bangs in Nov 2008.

3. the Bang Bangs – Fucked Up Weekend: Oct 30th 2009 @ Sneaky Dees Sianteuse – vocals, Ted Robinson – organ, Chris Cheeseman – guitar, Tim McCready – bass, Hugh Gooden – drums

4. The Job – NYE 2010: Dec 31th 2009 @ 159 Manning Nyles – guitar and vocals, Jason Holinaty – guitar vocals and keyboards, Tim McCready – bass, Danny Miles – drums

5. Mohawk Lodge – Live on studioTVL Genk Belgium: June 10, 2010 Ryder Havdale – guitar and vocals, Eamon McGrath – guitar, Peter Driemanis – keyboard, Tim McCready – bass, Rob Josephson – drums

6. Feral Cell – Tara and Andrews Going Away Party: Aug 24th 2010 @ the Dakota Tavern
Kate Boothman – vocals, Ian Blurton – guitar, Tim McCready – guitar, Sean Dean – bass, Steve Sidoli – drums

7. 159 Manning Orchestra – In C: Oct 31st 2010 @ 159 Manning Haunted House Matt Bourassa – bass, Aaron Dawson – Synth, Nick Bechard – bass, Nyles Miszczyk – Omnichord, Tim McCready – guitar, Joe Elaschuk – guiar, Craig Mailman – guitar, Colin Edgley – keyboard, Gabe Knox – synth, Roey Shamesh – guitar, Kriss McKay – banjo, Liam Doyle – Ukelale. Alternate peformance here

8. the Third Mind – NYE 2011: Dec 31 2010 @ 159 Manning (this video is from Dec 7th, but NYE was the only show we played, even though we practiced many times, and I don’t have any footage from that show) Nyles Miszczyk – guitar, Chris Cheeseman – guitar, Nick Bechard – bass, Tim McCready – drums

9. Children In Heat – May 14th 2011 @ Warrenfest Jr. Tim McCready – vocals, Warren Calbeck – guitar, Greg Benedetto – bass, Zack – drums

10. Choir!Choir!Choir! – June 19th 2011 @ 159 Manning BBQ Led by Choir Masters Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman

11. Tim McCready – solo musician performer still in progress…

Earlier this week Brian Taylor of Youth! Youth! Youth! / Rotate This! / Blue Fog Records fame, posted the following on his facebook wall (I hope he doesn’t mind me quoting him) “This morning I blamed twitter for being lame. Then I realized it wasn’t twitter that was the problem, it was who I was following. Lesson for today: I still don’t care about your band, and neither does anyone else. If you think you can gauge your success as an artist based on how many followers you have, or how many people you can delude into clicking a “like” button on something, you have badly lost the point of what it is you’re doing. Thanks for calling, please don’t call again.”

Maybe I’m misinterpreting him, but being a hate-rant humorist myself, I think he was half-joking. I mean, it’s not so strange for an artist to want to express something and get feedback and reassurance and maybe even have people “Like” what they do, but I also think he makes a very smart and valid and accurate point (plus he’s got the legendary band, amazing record store and quality-over-quantity record label to back his statement up).

I do the things I do, in various mediums, in the manner I do them, and pursue the projects I’m involved with not because there’s a market for them, and not because I think anybody gives a fuck about what I do, because I often feel like nobody does give a fuck about what I do or what I think, or feel. It’s not necessarily because I enjoy doing them, because I often don’t enjoy doing the things I do; but I keep going because I get ideas in my head, and feel certain ways about certain things, which leads to the desire and sometimes obsession for the specific things I want to do. I aim to manifest and live through the processes of the various experiences I want to have, because I get my satisfaction in life from achieving what I set out to do, and in effect; creating my own narrative. Ideally I’d like to be a happy guy, but for me happiness comes second to achieving the goals I set for myself many moons ago. I’m willing to work and suffer for these things, because shit doesn’t just happen on its own. This is the only life I’ll get to have…and really, how else should I go about living?

I don’t know if that makes any sense or if that sounds like total bullshit, BUT if you don’t know the experiences, mediums and projects I’m referring to, you obviously haven’t read my blog, or been to one of my house parties, or gotten drunk with me before. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..

Walking On Broken Glass

March 1, 2012

My iPhone 4Gs fell out of the pocket of my jacket onto the sidewalk on Saturday afternoon and the screen is totally fuckkked now. It’s my own fault for not having it in a case. At least it still works perfectly! I’ll just have to have the glass replaced.

I’ve started uploading the videos to YouTube from Loving In The Name Of – Jan 20th 2012 at the Great Hall. Chris Sandes has asked that I make them all private, so you’ll have to bug him if you want to see them.