Walking On Broken Glass

My iPhone 4Gs fell out of the pocket of my jacket onto the sidewalk on Saturday afternoon and the screen is totally fuckkked now. It’s my own fault for not having it in a case. At least it still works perfectly! I’ll just have to have the glass replaced.

I’ve started uploading the videos to YouTube from Loving In The Name Of – Jan 20th 2012 at the Great Hall. Chris Sandes has asked that I make them all private, so you’ll have to bug him if you want to see them.

2 Responses to “Walking On Broken Glass”

  1. happé Says:

    I had my screen replaced at Ming Wireless on Dundas (just west of University) on the recommendation of friends. $50 no tax if you pay cash, and done in a few hours. : )

  2. Chris Chin Says:

    Tim take it to the guys at The TechKnow Space at 387 Front just east of Spadina. They’re cheaper than the Genius Bar and they’ve fixed my iPhone not once but twice. Once when I cracked the screen (not as badly as yours) and then again when I dropped mine into the sink…that was filled with water at the time >_<

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