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Pics from MYOLJ 5.0

April 27, 2012

MYOLJ 5.0 was a huge success! Thanks Angela, Dear Diary, my fellow P&L staff members and everyone else who came last night. That was a lot of fun!

Check out the video below to hear me sing about heartbreak and unicorns!

NO COVER NO CRYBABIES – MYOLJ 5.0 : Angela’s Homecoming!!

April 25, 2012

Angela Holmes has moved back to Toronto from San Franciso! We’re throwing Met You On Livejoural 5.0 at Parts & Labour tomorrow to celebrate!

Angela and I will be laptop DJing the best and worst emo, screamo and pop-punk hits (nothing after 2003) + there will be a live performance by Dear Diary!! This event is FREE and there is no cover charge!!

Check out Blog T0’s review of MYOLJ 4.0 here!

This is Dear Diary’s set-list for tomorrow:

1. Saves The Day – Shoulder to the
2. Get up Kids- Ten Minutes
3. Jealous sound- Anxious Arms
4. Further Seems Forever – The Bradley
5. Samiam – She Found You
6. Taking Back Sunday – You Know How I Do
7. Elliot – Every Train That Passes
8. Texas Is The Reason- If It’s There When We Get Back
9. Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness

+ 2 secret ENCORE songs!!

Diary Diary has been kind enough to let me do my best Chris Carraba impression with them, I’ll be serving up some lead vocals towards Further Seems Forever – the Bradley!!

Thursday April 25th. FREE – NO COVER / NO CRYBABIES. Doors @ 10pm, Dear Diary performs @ 11:30pm. Parts & Labour 1566 Queen West, Toronto.


April 11, 2012

The fashion world was rocked today by the announcement that after 27 years, Fashion Television is ceasing production!! Such a huge bummer. From the sounds of the press release, the half hour FT TV show is done, but the FashionTelevisionChannel will continue.

I got some of my first paid still photography and video gigs at Fashion Television, taking stills of Misty Fox, and shooting a fashion film with Shenae Grimes.

There was even an FT-produced D-Squared fashion film shot at 159 Manning, and I shot Richard Kern for FT as he shot Dana Wright.

Kern ended up calling me a few months after we met and asked me to help him shoot a video for Dentata. We each shot on our Canon 5D’s and shared our lenses. He directed and edited. He told me that it was the first music video he’d shot in many years!

Richard also shot the new OFF! video. I wish I could’ve worked on that one with him too. Richard! When are you coming to Toronto again? Gimmie a call!

My First 5 Youtube Videos

April 10, 2012

I was going through my youtube account a couple of hours ago, deleting half uploaded videos and other broken links. When I got to the bottom of the page I realized I uploaded my first youtube video EVERRRRR 5 years ago yesterday!

This is a glimpse of what was my life 5 years ago, in 5 vignettes. These are the first 5 youtube videos I ever shot and uploaded, in sequence:

April 9th 2007 – My first video was Shannon Campbell and I walking back to 159 Manning from the bar, drunk. Awwww the mem’ries…Alas, the video is pretty much unwatchable since it was shot in the dark on a digital ELPH. What can I say? You gotta start somewhere!

April 10th, 2007 – The second video was of Jon Schouten and I dressing up Dragan Sasic at Salvation Army, choosing his outfit to interview Perez Hilton that evening, for a blog post on

April 16, 2007Michael Johnson doing his amazing singing bartender routine on a Saturday afternoon at the Communists Daughter. Does he still perform at the Commie on Saturdays?

April 17th, 2007 – Kealan and Maggie battling it out at 69 Vintage, with Jon egging them on.

April 19th, 2007 – Watching Jubal Brown’s “Party Tape #52” (which contains footage from Driller Killer) at 159 Manning with Jon, Dragan and Gabe Knox, wearing 3D Glasses, debating whether the footage is actually 3D or not.

Basement Stage 2012

April 2, 2012

This is where the bands who play the Basement Stage of the 159 Manning BBQ on Friday June 15th will perform. It’s a fun, cramped, great sounding little space, and I think a positive contrast to the Backyard and Living Room Stages that day. I’m plannig the BBQ to be a 10 hour experience which starts at 1pm and ends at 11pm, so having 3 stages with 3 very different vibes on the single property of 159 Manning gives a great palette of possible experiences to work within that afternoon and evening.

The PA for that room is a 6 channel Shure Vocal master, has built in reverb, and is really loud!

General admission tickets will be $30 again, like last year, and will be on sale at ROTATE THIS! starting May 1st, but I will only be selling 200 numbered tickets this year, 75 tickets less than last year.

Book Friday June 15th off work because doors are at 1pm, things start rolling at 1:30, and I’ve vowed to purposely schedule A+ acts right at the beginning because this day is all killer, no filler.

I’d like people to imagine each band or experience that day being like a different ride at Disney World, except you’ll be eating food and drinking beer or water or juice and listening to readers and watching bands and other sorts of musical acts performing.

Blah, Blah, Blah…