Basement Stage 2012

This is where the bands who play the Basement Stage of the 159 Manning BBQ on Friday June 15th will perform. It’s a fun, cramped, great sounding little space, and I think a positive contrast to the Backyard and Living Room Stages that day. I’m plannig the BBQ to be a 10 hour experience which starts at 1pm and ends at 11pm, so having 3 stages with 3 very different vibes on the single property of 159 Manning gives a great palette of possible experiences to work within that afternoon and evening.

The PA for that room is a 6 channel Shure Vocal master, has built in reverb, and is really loud!

General admission tickets will be $30 again, like last year, and will be on sale at ROTATE THIS! starting May 1st, but I will only be selling 200 numbered tickets this year, 75 tickets less than last year.

Book Friday June 15th off work because doors are at 1pm, things start rolling at 1:30, and I’ve vowed to purposely schedule A+ acts right at the beginning because this day is all killer, no filler.

I’d like people to imagine each band or experience that day being like a different ride at Disney World, except you’ll be eating food and drinking beer or water or juice and listening to readers and watching bands and other sorts of musical acts performing.

Blah, Blah, Blah…

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