NO COVER NO CRYBABIES – MYOLJ 5.0 : Angela’s Homecoming!!

Angela Holmes has moved back to Toronto from San Franciso! We’re throwing Met You On Livejoural 5.0 at Parts & Labour tomorrow to celebrate!

Angela and I will be laptop DJing the best and worst emo, screamo and pop-punk hits (nothing after 2003) + there will be a live performance by Dear Diary!! This event is FREE and there is no cover charge!!

Check out Blog T0’s review of MYOLJ 4.0 here!

This is Dear Diary’s set-list for tomorrow:

1. Saves The Day – Shoulder to the
2. Get up Kids- Ten Minutes
3. Jealous sound- Anxious Arms
4. Further Seems Forever – The Bradley
5. Samiam – She Found You
6. Taking Back Sunday – You Know How I Do
7. Elliot – Every Train That Passes
8. Texas Is The Reason- If It’s There When We Get Back
9. Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness

+ 2 secret ENCORE songs!!

Diary Diary has been kind enough to let me do my best Chris Carraba impression with them, I’ll be serving up some lead vocals towards Further Seems Forever – the Bradley!!

Thursday April 25th. FREE – NO COVER / NO CRYBABIES. Doors @ 10pm, Dear Diary performs @ 11:30pm. Parts & Labour 1566 Queen West, Toronto.

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