La La La

It’s been a great week! Tuesday night I went to Choir!Choir!Choir! practice, which was in preparation for their show the next night at Lee’s Palace. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to sing in the Wednesday night show, but we sang 6 songs from the choir repertoire on Tuesday evening, which was really fun!

After Choir! Choir! Choir! practice, I headed over to the Silver Dollar to see Pierced Arrows!

On Wednesday, Cadence Weapon aka Roland Pemberton performed on George’s show. Looks like his new album is going to be huuuuuge!!

After Rollie’s performance, the entire audience were treated to catering by Lou Dawg’s BBQ during the intermission while the stage was reset for George’s interview with Yung Chang.

After work I headed over to the Cambridge Suites Hotel to see my friends Camille and Kennerly aka the Harp Twins perform!

They even played the Smiths – Asleep for me! It’s a nice touch at the end of this video (3:08) that they included the wind blowing sound from the album version of Asleep, on Louder Than Bombs.

Their mom took this photo of us! The picture on the front of my t-shirt is the cover artwork for the cd single of Morrissey – We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful. Personally I’ve always hoped and dreamed that all my friends along the way would become successful. For many years I tried my best to be actively supportive of people I thought had latent talents and potential, since I figured it would reflect well on me to be surrounded by so many special people before they were famous. I know now, that was silly, because unfortunately as far a lot of people’s psyche’s go, I’ve come to believe Morrissey sang the truth. I’ve also come to believe that a lot of perpetual losers are addicted to failure. Ahhhh wellllll, that’s all in the past because I told all the losers who I used to allow to suck the life out of me to fuck off and die, and it seems like all the people who come into my life these days are already successful! Cheers to more of that!

After eating a delicious steak and shrimp meal courtesy of the Cambridge Suites, I headed over to Parts & Labour to do sound for the Frankie Rose show. What a day!

Yesterday (Thursday) George interviewed former Entourage star Adrian Grenier, and Tiffany Sudela-Junker about a new documentary they’re involved with about adopted kids with Attachment Disorder called My Name Is Faith.

The last time and place I saw Adrian was in September 2009, in my living room, with his band the Honey Brothers, jamming with some of my old roommates.

Since then, Songs From A Room Sounds has become a world-wide movement of DIY house shows! Oh how time has passed. So glad I was able to be part of it on the ground level.

3 Responses to “La La La”

  1. Chris Chin Says:

    Tim we missed you at Lee’s, but it looks like you had a grand time at the Harp Twins show.

  2. Roy Says:

    Loved the harp video. I’ve never seen anyone carry one like that. I half expected a black metal musician to go running past in the background 😛

    • timmccready Says:

      Ha! Asleep was 1 of my 2 request songs that they learn for my NYE party here last year. When I had dinner with them on Wednesday I was trying to convince them to learn Slayer – South Of Heaven.

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