How Does It Feel?

Choir!Choir!Choir! practice on Tuesday was amazing! We sang Blue Monday and Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. New Order/Joy Division is one of my all-time favorite bands!! Maybe one day we’ll sing Love Will Tear Us Apart, and I’ll softly cry tears of joy for the entire practice.

I went to see Unfinished Business at the Toronto No Thaw matinee show behind Chosen Vintage and Ruins last Saturday afteroon. They’re so funny! A trio of 11-to-13 year-old girls who are all BFF’s playing smart-ass songs about people falling off pogo sticks, falling down the stairs and your science teacher hating you, is the perfect antidote to the typical unimaginative dude-rock bands!

Not that I don’t like dude-rock bands. I’m a dude, and I like to rock (or as they’d say in Michigan, I like to “RACK”)! But when I see and hear the same thing expressed over and over again, it gets to be a giant yaaaawwwnnnnn. Yeah, that’s what HE said. Insert snoring sound here. I went to see Little Orton Hoggit and His Ten Cent Wings last month, and that was great!

Somehow I find it hard to yawn about a jokey-country super-group whose members are all technical wizards on their instruments, excellent showmen, have a giant T-shirt mascot named MRCHy and a shock-jock DJ named Skip with his own radio station MRCH, as part of their act. There’s a lot of work and skill going into that act, yet it’s so genuinely light-hearted!

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