Eamon McGrath; Young Canadian

I went to the Eamon McGrath show at the Horseshoe last night. It was the official launch party for his new album “Young Canadians”, which has been getting great reviews!

I bought a copy of the record (with $$ from my wallet, it wasn’t a promo copy) from Rotate a few weeks ago, and I’ve been listening to it a lot. This is the album cover:

I’ve posted pictures here and here and here and here from the Summer 2010 European tour that Eamon and I played together in Mohawk Lodge, in support of his album Peacemaker.

We look like we could be brothers. Probably because we’re both of Scottish-Irish decent.

I shot this video of him that summer, in a Liverpool UK graveyard at 5am:

I shot this video a couple weeks later of him singing on the bar @ “L’emile Vache” in Metz, France at 5am:

The Liverpool video with the birds chirping in the background has gotten a lot more views, but the video from L’emile Vache better demonstrates what it’s like to be on tour with Eamon. Keep in mind that Eamon is NOW only 23-years-old and those videos are 2 years old…

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