What We Do Is Secret – 159 Manning BBQ 2012

FRIDAY June 15th – 1pm to 11pm @ 159 Manning

Here’s the plan; I’ll be taking down the fence separating mine and my neighbors yard to create 1 giant super-yard, just like last years BBQ! It’ll be 55 feet x 80 feet long! I’ve hired the the Great Canadian Pigroast to spit-roast two (2) 100lb pigs in my backyard, along with MANY other vegetarian-friendly sides. I thought it best to hire professionals to handle feeding 350 of my best friends and acquaintances. The cops stopped by 5 times throughout the day last year, and each time they were very courteous and professional. They had no issues with finding a bunch of adults drinking in a backyard. The only thing they kindly warned me about was that in my promotion of the party, I can’t “advertise” that I’m selling alcohol. I can’t advertise that I’m selling alcohol, so I won’t advertise that I’m selling alcohol. The police had no problem with BYOB, and I have no problem with BYOB either.

There are 200 General Admission Tickets (80 personally confirmed so far) for $30 each. There are 100 Choir! Choir! Choir! Member Tickets (92 personally confirmed so far) for $15 each. If and when it sells out, I can’t sell any more tickets or admit any more people because I can only accommodate so many people on my property before it starts being TOO packed and it becomes a bummer, AND I’m only prepared to feed 350 people. AND I have to keep the street in front of my house clear. I can’t have a crowd gathered in front of my house on a Friday afternoon in June. Please don’t lock your bikes to my neighbors fences!

I’m still preparing tickets. If you want me to reserve a ticket for you and/or your friends just message, email, tweet or text me that you definitely want a ticket and I’ll save you one.

If you’re a C!C!C! member, all you have to do is confirm in the C!C!C! or C!C!C!2 facebook event.

Sponsored in part by Pabst Blue Ribbon, MOOG Audio and Hand Drawn Dracula.

7 Responses to “What We Do Is Secret – 159 Manning BBQ 2012”

  1. slava Says:

    where d I buy the ticket?

  2. Matt Says:

    It’s a beautiful thing, Tim.

  3. A Says:

    § 591-2.1. Specific prohibitions.
    [Added 2006-09-27 by By-law No. 964-2006]
    A. Loudspeakers and other amplified sound projected on streets or public places.
    (1) No person shall emit or cause or permit the emission of sound resulting from the operation of any electronic device or a group of connected electronic devices incorporating one or more loudspeakers or other electro mechanical transducers, and intended for the production, reproduction or amplification of
    6 Editor’s Note: This by-law came into force 2008-01-01.
    7 Editor’s Note: The definition of “residential low-rise area,” added 2006-06-29 by By-law No. 505-2006, which previously followed this definition, was repealed 2007-12-13 by By-law No. 1400-2007; said By-law No. 1400-2007 came into force 2008- 01-01.
    591-4 2010 – 08 – 27
    NOISE § 591-2.1
    sound, that projects noise beyond the lot line of the property from which the noise emanates and into any street or public place.

  4. Piper got paid. Can I borrow your mom-jorts? « laurenoutloud.com Says:

    […] I’m going to grab a Boostah Joose after this and run out to hit… 5 different parties before Andre Williams and the Sadies at midnight. First up, and undoubtedly the best of all these parties will be Tim McCready’s annual NXNE BBQ. […]

  5. Barbara Says:

    How was the party? Still recovering?

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