Monolith Mayhem

Wayy back in early April (Easter weekend), I was hired by fashion photography duo Lily and Lilac to build some “large geometric sculptures” that they’d concepted for a photo-shoot they’d been commissioned to do for Dress To Kill Magazine. (photo of me by Taraleigh Wallace)

L&L knew exactly what they wanted, but weren’t sure how to build the structures, or what the best materials to use would be. I know how to build things and have the space, and the tools, so we made a great team for this project!

Photos from the shoot featuring the white monoliths I built are currently featured on! You can view them here! The monoliths turned out sturdy enough to safely support a model standing or sitting on them, but were also very lightweight.

I’m happy to report that the site credited me for my work as “prop builder”, which I’m ecstatic about, because I find my work (in various mediums) often goes un-credited. THANK YOU!

The photos are stunning. Great work ladies!

Neither of the girls have seen 2001: A Space Odyssey. I told them it’s a “must-see”.

This all seems vaguely connected to GLOP!

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