Devil’s Eyes

Craig Mailman came over yesterday afternoon and we had a little jam in the basement. He played guitar, I played drums. I think it was the first time I’d played drums with anyone in over a year…and it felt GREAT!

I made some crock-pot ribs and potatoes that I had for dinner; they were delicious! After dinner I headed to Nobu’s place for Choir!Choir!Choir! practice in preparation for our Wednesday night show with Buck 65 (tonight)!! We’ll be singing some classic Buck 65 songs, along with Devil’s Eyes; a song originally written and performed by Rick of the Skins (Nobu’s old band), which was later covered by Buck 65.

Here’s some footage of us singing Devil’s Eyes from last nights rehearsal:

I found a bunch of records on the street when I was jogging on Sunday night.

I think Choir!Choir!Choir! should sing This Corrosion soon.

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